New Capital Fund Helps Public & Private Businesses Invest In Clean Energy

Aug 28, 2023

That environmentally friendly infrastructure you’ve been eyeing may be energy-efficient, but is it cost-effective? With Onsite Utility Services Capital on your side, it can be. Apply for their Decarbonization Infrastructure Capital Fund today!

Energy-efficient infrastructure is an investment, but it may not be one your business can afford to make at the moment. Yes, you’ll end up saving on energy in the long run, but the upfront costs can be steep, and it can be years before you see a positive ROI. If your business goes under because of those costs, then that completely defeats the purpose of getting an upgrade, doesn’t it?

If these are the things that have been keeping you up at night, Onsite Utility Services Capital can help you with their all-new Decarbonization Infrastructure Capital Fund! Created with the goal of saving businesses like yours a ton of money, this fund can make the switch to energy-saving technology quick and easy, as it should be. With their handy fund and innovative Energy Savings as a Service platform, Onsite Utility Services Capital serves you all the energy solutions you could ever need on a silver platter!

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The launch of the fund comes amid both rising energy costs and growing awareness of the impacts of climate change, spurring the need for energy-saving solutions. However, many organizations are barred from such upgrades due to steep out-of-pocket capital expenditures, heavy debt loads, and other budget constraints. If your organization is in the same boat, you’re probably acutely aware of how challenging and confusing the transition can be.

Having taken these factors into account, Onsite Utility Services Capital aims to reduce the financial burden on public and private businesses with their Decarbonization Infrastructure Capital Fund, which can save organizations costs through their Energy Savings as a Service platform. The fund can be used to invest in any form of energy-efficient infrastructure, including microgrids, cogeneration, LED lighting, and solar panels, effectively removing the capital expenditure barrier that may have prevented your business from making such upgrades. Any kind of infrastructure that’s been proven to reduce energy consumption is on the table, meaning your options are limitless!

If your organization is enrolled in the program, Onsite Utility Services Capital will cover the costs of retrofitting, maintenance, and service. You don’t pay a dime for any of that; you only need to pay a monthly fee for the energy your business uses. And because the new infrastructure will lessen your reliance on the grid and water supply, you’ll see a reduction in your energy expenditures, allowing you to retain more capital for your operations while achieving your environmental goals. Two birds, one stone!

Why go with Onsite Utility Services Capital, you ask? Well, Onsite Utility Services Capital has been providing energy solutions to clients since 1993. They’ve been at it for almost 30 years now! With its Energy Savings as a Service program, the company has played a key role in lowering energy and carbon consumption, reducing operational costs, and increasing revenue for organizations throughout America and Mexico. The launch of their capital fund goes in line with their dedication to sustainability and energy efficiency.

“Reducing our carbon footprint is going to require trillions and trillions of dollars to have any impact. But at the same time, businesses need to keep their capital focused on their operations and growing their companies for the benefit of the employees and shareholders,” says Fritz Kreiss, CEO of Onsite Utility Services Capital. “Our capital fund can provide businesses with energy upgrades through our Energy Savings as a Service platform with zero capital or debt.”

Discover cost efficiency within energy efficiency by choosing Onsite Utility Services Capital today! Visit to get started!

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