New Austin Permanent Makeup Service Gives You Soft, Natural-Looking Powder Brows

Mar 25, 2024

Wake up to perfect eyebrows every day with the new powder brows PMU service from Harlow Beauty and Hair Salon (512-812-9012)!

For a lot of people, eyebrows are the most difficult part of their makeup routine. If you're sick of constantly filling and shaping yours, Harlow Beauty and Hair Salon will give you semi-permanent, full, natural-looking eyebrows with its new powder brows PMU service. Now, you can save time on your daily beauty routine!

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Keep Up With The PMU Industry's State-Of-The-Art Techniques

Harlow Beauty and Hair Salon wants to give you the best of the beauty and hair care industry. From top-quality hair products to state-of-the-art makeup techniques, the Austin-based salon always stays ahead of the game.

With its powder brows service, Harlow Beauty gives you beautifully filled-in eyebrows using the industry's latest permanent brow makeup technique - an innovative method that combines the timeless aesthetics of conventional makeup and the longevity of permanent makeup.

Powder brows are a cosmetic service that involves infusing a coloring agent, or permanent makeup pigment, under the skin with a micro-needle to achieve a soft, powdery finish. It is a PMU technique that will work well for you no matter your skin type. It also gives you smudge-proof, waterproof brows that can last up to three years with proper care.

Walk Out Of Harlow's Beauty With A Gorgeously Framed Face

Harlow Beauty's resident lash and brow specialist Lindsay Phillips is an expert on powder brows, creating tailored, natural-looking brows that complement your unique facial features and style. She will make sure you walk out of the salon with a gorgeously framed face and tons of confidence!

Whether you want to fix sparse brows or unevenness, or just want more depth and definition, Harlow Beauty's powder brows service is designed to bring out your natural beauty.

Harlow Beauty takes pride in the precision and artistry of its powder brows service, meticulously filling in the PMU pigment with a wispy, pendulum motion that gives your eyebrows a soft, feathery effect.

Discover Your Own Unique Style

Harlow Beauty and Hair Salon is one of the best hair care and beauty salons in Austin, Texas. It offers premium services that range from color and keratin treatments to lash extensions and permanent makeup. With a team of highly-trained, compassionate professionals, Harlow Beauty and Hair Salon is a safe place for you to experiment with your look.

Discover and celebrate your own unique style!

Harlow Beauty and Hair Salon says that its mission is to “create an unforgettable, luxurious guest experience that empowers every client to look and feel poised and powerful, every time.”

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