New AI Platform: Create Social Media Campaigns From Scratch For Your Business

Sep 1, 2023

Abhi Dwivedi is lifting the curtain on his new platform in a one-time training! Book your seat to find out how AISocials is about to revolutionize the social media marketing field on September 11 and create your social media posts hassle-free!

If you are relying on the likes of Facebook to interact with potential customers, you need eye-catching content - if it's lackluster and visually unappealing, it will be inevitably lost in the mix. Professional-level, high-quality videos are a specialty of dedicated marketers who often take a big chunk of your budget but with the arrival of AI, this should no longer necessarily be the case.

AISocials is a brand-new platform set to make waves in the social media marketing field, allowing you to create your own campaigns with the click of a button. Creator Abhi Dwivedi is giving you a one-time chance to get acquainted with its features before its rollout at a free webinar which also promises special offers for attendants that won't be made available to the public, and lots of prizes.

The webinar will be hosted by 7-figure Entrepreneur and agency expert Ben Murray and is already drawing huge attention. So hurry up and save your seat!

The one-time virtual event will take place on September 11, at 3 pm EST, and will teach you about the advantages of adopting AISocials as a means for embracing today's most effective marketing medium for attracting clients with the help of AI technology. It is taking place a day before the platform's official rollout, September 12, to reveal AISocials' potential to create social media campaigns for businesses in any niche by entering a single keyword. The campaigns are then delivered automatically on social media outlets with no scheduling needed.

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With AISocials, you can create engaging Facebook posts, TikTok and Instagram reels, YouTube videos, quotes, and many other formats of content by typing a preferred selection of keywords or phrases used by potential customers to find more specific information about your business. The platform has an intuitive interface and has been developed to be user-friendly, requiring no technical experience from adopters. As such, it eliminates the need for you to hire external social media marketing specialists or maintain an in-house marketing team - so with AISocials, you are saving costs as well!

In addition to using the platform for creating visual content creation, you can also rely on AISocials to come up with recommendations for trending topics that AI can create engaging posts around.

AISocials also comes with a large set of customization features to help you create visually appealing content that aligns with your core values and brand voice and is captivating enough to catch the attention of your preferred audience. The platform offers you an extensive library of pre-designed, DFY templates with drag-and-drop editing functionality, providing a range of features and effects for creating eye-catching content for social media.

A unique feature of AISocials is its machine-learning-based AI 'Self-Scheduling' functionality, enabling you to automatically post content multiple times to drive perpetual traffic to your content across channels. The platform also has built-in agency technology to manage clients on your behalf.

"To say AISocials has been a game changer for our pet goods business is an understatement, " an early adopter of AISocials said. "We know most of our buyers are on social media, but it’s time consuming to create videos and content for each platform to drive consistent leads like bigger brands are. This amazing tool has helped us more than quadruple our traffic, content and sales which should continue to snowball from here."

Tap AI's unlimited content creation potential - buy AISocials for just $67!

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