New 2022 Review Shows YieldNodes’ 213% Compounded APY & Passive Income Potential

Sep 15, 2022

Want to earn passive income from crypto but don’t have the right rig and technical savvy to mine? Read Black Book Crypto’s latest review of YieldNodes and learn why you should get on this ASAP.

New 2022 Review Shows YieldNodes' 213% Compounded APY & Passive Income Potential

There are probably thousands of crypto-based projects nowadays promising passive income in exchange for your hard-earned fiat. The problem is that half of them will likely pull the rug under you after their creators are done pumping the prices.

And then there’s YieldNodes, one of the newer kids on the block, currently celebrating their third year of operations.

Black Book Crypto’s publisher, Joseph Giove, was curious about this whole masternoding thing and decided to risk his own money to see what the hype is all about. He then created a review that he periodically updates that is freely available to the investing public.

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So how is his investment performing?

According to the latest figures, yields in July grew by 9.2%, 3.0% higher than in the month prior. This brings the average monthly yield from November to 7.9%, clearly beating both Bitcoin and Nasdaq, which have suffered a 70% and 30% correction, respectively, during the same period. “This equates to an annual yield of 120%,” Joseph explained.

The author also goes in-depth as to how these gains are achieved, so you can have an idea on how it works. According to Joseph, the program generates revenue from the increase in the value of the coins staked in its pool by the individuals running a masternode—a critical part of the blockchain infrastructure with more responsibilities and potential rewards for its operators than regular nodes.

Despite its recent gains, Joseph said that YieldNodes has a “high-risk participation model” owing to the inherent volatility of cryptocurrencies. “It’s important to do your own due diligence before participating,” he advised.

He further explained that YieldNodes manages this level of volatility by masternoding a carefully selected portfolio and investing in coins that have the potential for real-world use, such as Sapphire. “At the time of this writing there are 19 integrated projects contributing to the monthly yields,” he said.

Furthermore, Mr. Giove described the steps he performed at assessing YieldNodes’ legitimacy. According to him, he was able to verify the background of the team behind the operation and review the company’s books. He also learned that independent auditors have found the company’s balance sufficient to cover its obligations to members.

What’s Joseph’s verdict then? “Near as I can tell, YieldNodes is not a Ponzi scheme,” he stated.

About Black Book Crypto

Based in Lafayette, California, Black Book Crypto was founded by cryptocurrency researcher Joseph Giove in 2016, with the goal of allaying the public’s fear of the asset class through well-researched content.

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