Neurolinguistic Programming Coaching In Chesterfield, MI Teaches Life Strategies

Dec 6, 2021

Emotional Wisdom Training Institute (503-939-9675) teaches residents in Chesterfield, MI to change their self-talk. When you are able to speak to yourself with self-love and compassion, you can achieve all your personal goals.

You’ve experienced it before, right? You’re the calmest person on the planet, but when something goes wrong, when things don’t go as planned, you can’t make a single decision about anything. Or worse, you make decisions you don’t mean to make because you’ve confused yourself with all your rambling thoughts.

Meant to support you to recognize your power and potential, the updated emotional wisdom training by the self-named institute offers effective tools for growth. The program combines the latest research in psychology and NLP to develop alignment processes that guide you to react appropriately to different life situations.

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The strengthened emotional wisdom training is useful for those coping with major transitions, including divorce, job change, relocation, and death, among others. You are taught the basics of NLP and how it affects your perception of reality.

Led by Kathryn Michels, the program operates on the belief that self-talk shapes perception and this perception determines how you respond to events. For example, if you constantly beat yourself up over the tiniest mistakes, you are more vulnerable to suffering from depression and anxiety, particularly during a major life transition.

True to its name, emotional wisdom training teaches you intelligent strategies for growth. Kathryn Michels explains that most people become too emotional when faced with a crisis. This prevents them from responding appropriately and may even cause a person to make dangerous or life-altering decisions without much forethought.

Kathryn Michels, MCC, NLP developed the emotional wisdom training program as a holistic approach to life. Guided by NLP principles, the coach says that every person can achieve success in their life, once they are able to control their thinking.

The emotional wisdom training can also be used for clients seeking resolution from various mental health disturbances such as dissociative disorder and social anxiety.

Want to learn more? Schedule a discovery call with Kathryn Michels and her team through their website. To comply with the latest health guidelines, some sessions will be conducted online.

You may ask for additional NLP courses or information based on your specific needs.

A successful graduate of the program wrote, “Emotional Wisdom Training and coaching with Kathryn Michels has given me the ability to understand difficult situations and how to get what it is that I truly desire as an outcome.”

You are so much more than what you thought you could be. Go to so you can learn more.

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