Nashville Asphalt Repair Contractor Offers Street Patching To Save You Costs

Jun 29, 2022

Rather than hire separate professionals during the plumbing and electric phases of a home building project in Nashville, TN, contact Gaddes Strategic (1-615-866-2795) for expert metro street patching to save time and money.

Nashville Asphalt Repair Contractor Offers Street Patching To Save You Costs

Ever thought about how much money you could get to save by not having to go through all the hassle of a temporary patch? The answer is a lot, and Gaddes Strategic can put those extra dollars into your pocket.

The Nashville, TN asphalt repair experts lend their expertise in asphalt patching to help local builders like you complete the plumbing and electric phase of your projects more quickly and efficiently.

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Building a home involves digging a trench for water and sewer taps that are usually temporarily patched with a cold mix asphalt before filling the hole permanently, a procedure that comes after the plumbing job has been completed and inspected. Gaddes Strategic helps you employ just one solution to shorten the asphalt patching process for trench repairs and move on to your next project as soon as possible.

You can skip the temporary patch process by contacting the team to cover the hole with hot mix asphalt right after the taps have been installed and the project has been granted exploitation approval. Gaddes Strategic can schedule the metro street patch after the plumbing job has been finished after arranging this with the plumber responsible for your project.

The asphalt repair company eliminates temporary asphalt patching by either doing the full-depth permanent patch on the same day or filling the trench to the surface with the binder before returning to apply the top layer of hot asphalt and roll. The resulting metro street patch has a durable, smooth surface and a long lifespan.

By hiring a company that specializes in metro street patching, you can spare costs associated with steel plate rentals, additional labor and materials to install the temporary patch.

Gaddes Strategic LLC is a Nashville, Tennessee-based asphalt repair and maintenance company with over 60 years of experience in concrete, asphalt, and dump trucking. The company’s mission is to help clients diagnose and properly scope repairs needed for their road surfaces. Its services include thermoplastic pavement markings, pothole and asphalt repairs, and asphalt seal coating and line striping. For more information, visit

A spokesperson for the company said: “Gaddes Strategic, LLC is agile and responsive to general contractors’ needs. We strive to perform the project accurately and save you money, whether it’s by repairing trenches to eliminate steel plate expenditures or by completing projects promptly.”

Gaddes Strategic is the expert you can rely on to deliver on time and within budget. Contact them to leverage their asphalt patching expertise and get completely free estimates!

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