NAD Treatment & Stem Cell Therapy In Torrance For Fast Shoulder Injury Recovery

Nov 2, 2022

Are you struggling with sports injuries or chronic pain in your shoulder? Call Springs Rejuvenation at +1-404-780-5617! The team offers targeted, holistic treatment for optimal wellness.

NAD Treatment & Stem Cell Therapy In Torrance For Fast Shoulder Injury Recovery

Whether you play sports or you've been injured at the gym, shoulder injuries can cause lingering pain that impacts your daily lifestyle. With holistic treatments from Springs Rejuvenation, you can reduce inflammation and get back to feeling your best!

The team combines stem cell therapy with lifestyle and nutrition changes to manage acute and chronic pain. Because stem cells have the ability to become different types of cells, they can be applied for a variety of uses.

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The treatment stimulates cellular and muscular repair. Springs Rejuvenation naturally reduces inflammation at the source and can provide visible healing within weeks. In the months following the treatment, shoulder maneuverability and joint health are likely to improve gradually.

If you've got a sports injury, stem cell treatments can hasten your recovery process. They can be used for damaged tendons and ligaments, and assist damaged tissue in the regeneration process. Studies have shown that stem cells have a self-renewal capacity, and they can regenerate new cartilage, which results in faster healing.

The goal of the service is to help you overcome the impact of your shoulder injury and achieve peak performance faster. Led by Dr. Pereyra, the team will tailor your treatment plan that can combine peptide infusions, NAD, umbilical cord stem cells, and more.

With locations in California, Alabama, Florida, and Texas, the center specializes in regenerative medicine and injury recovery. You can enroll in the Springs Member program for additional guidance and support on your path to recovery.

The treatments available through Springs Rejuvenation can affect joint and bone health, heart health, lung health, skin, and cognitive ability. The team can also help you to manage symptoms of multiple sclerosis and kidney disease.

A spokesperson for the clinic states: “Our purpose at Springs Rejuvenation is to assist you in feeling your best. We believe that enjoying life at peak performance and being pain-free should be a simple process. Getting you back to doing what you love most is our goal. Our industry-leading experts work with each patient to develop a customized approach.”

If you want to get back to peak health and performance, this holistic treatment program could be exactly what you're looking for. Get in touch today!

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