Muskego Wire EDM Firm CAM Tech Receives Prestigious Service & Quality Award

Jul 1, 2024

The Muskego Chamber of Commerce recently bestowed the prestigious Business of The Year award on local EDM manufacturer CAM Tech, Inc. (262-679-8004), confirming their position as a leader in their market.

A Beacon Of Inspiration Right Here In Muskego

You don’t need to go outside Muskego to find an example of manufacturing excellence. CAM Tech is a leader in the wire EDM field, and they’ve now been recognized by the Muskego Chamber of Commerce.

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The firm was recently bestowed with the prestigious Business of The Year award, reflecting their commitment to quality and service. From a one-machine operation in 1996, to 13 high-speed wired EDM stations today, they’re a great example of local determination.

In support of its operation, CAM Tech has recently added 6,000 square feet of workshop space, allowing for further expansion. As such, the firm is an important part of our business community, which was another consideration in the award.

“Our business was founded on the principles of quality and reliability, which continue to fuel our growth in a very dynamic marketplace,” a company representative explained. “Moreover, we’re committed to initiatives that benefit our community as a whole, and it’s an honor to be recognized with this award.”

What Is This Wire EDM Malarkey?

Sometimes referred to as a ‘cheese cutter,’ wire electrical discharge machining (wire EDM) offers a high degree of precision, allowing it to produce parts that have complex shapes and very fine tolerances. Some of the items produced using wire EDM include medical devices, aerospace components, automotive parts, gears and splines, keyways, and mold components.

While the recent award highlights CAM Tech’s continued growth, the firm explains that it remains comparatively small and agile, allowing it to meet short-notice or unusual requirements. As a result, the team can assist with a wide variety of projects, ranging from prototyping to large production runs.

About CAM Tech, Inc.

Located in the Muskego Industrial Park, CAM Tech now provides services to clients across the greater Milwaukee metropolitan area, as well as Waukesha and Chicago. Industries served include medical instrumentation, aerospace, automotive, and many others.

“We’ve been working with Cam Tech for several years now, and they’ve helped with projects ranging from simple stamp blanks to precision insert pockets for OEM tooling,” one client recently stated. “They provide high-quality service and communication with the most competitive turnaround times in the area.”

In celebrating CAM Tech, Inc., let’s also celebrate the spirit of the Muskego community itself.

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