Munchie Mafia Sparks Mutualism Movement in NFT Culture with OpenSea mint on 4/20, Earth-Day Weekend

Apr 12, 2022

Munchie Mafia Sparks Mutualism Movement in NFT Culture with OpenSea mint on 4/20, Earth-Day Weekend

Munchie Mafia Sparks Mutualism Movement in NFT Culture with OpenSea mint on 4/20, Earth-Day Weekend

The NFT market grew over $40 billion in 2021 only continuing to gain momentum into 2022. This presents an opportunity for a conscious collective like the Munchie Mafia Night Club to usher in a project model that will both utilize this space and offer solutions to help bring balance to environmental impact and to protect animals on the endangered species list. Munchie Mafia Night Club seeks to move toward a state of mutualism in selecting its public mint to go live 4/20/2022 on OpenSea during Earth Day weekend.

Co-Founder Victor De Las Casas believes “through this movement, we will grow our community of environmental stewards to protect Mother Earth and empower individuals by decentralizing and redistributing wealth, giving birth to new, member-driven, renewable, innovative, and sustainable projects to further help disenfranchised populations. In collaboration with the NFT Sanctuary Munchie Mafia Night Club aims to inspire all future nfts projects to pay it forward and donate to good-willed causes. “We will look back, reach out, and pull up those that seek to not only help themselves but their community, society, and earth overall,” said Co-Founder Lester Sydney.

What makes Munchie Mafia unique and worth your investment?

The Munchie Mafia is a syndicate of animals reclaiming the forest with real-life utilization. This metaverse family seeks to guide humanity to restore the physical world so that future animal kingdoms and humanity can live together in harmony here on earth.

Munchie Mafia Night Club, through the sale of these original and hand-painted by artists Moire Black and The X Factor digital assets, will advocate and help fund efforts to preserve the following environmental and ecological areas: Air, Agriculture, Animal Protection, Forests, Fresh Water, Oceans & Renewable Energy. 123 ethereum has been pledged and 1% of resales will be split between The International Rhino Foundation and the Rainforest Trust. Corporate sponsorships are already established with both organizations and project co-founders seek to secure more with foundations of similar mission and focus.

The Munchie Mafia project brings rarity, and exclusivity along with models for shared ownership not yet seen in other nft ventures. This makes investor involvement and investment more worthwhile and ultimately more lucrative. There will be 12 unique characters in the series that will be dropped. With each new character drop, the total number will be reduced an amount voted by nft holders. In addition, there will be an added layer of rarity with each character drop as only ONE NFT in each of the 12 drops will have a golden cookie attribute. This model will help increase and generate a higher value for each of your Munchie Mafia NFTs aligning the stars to put in the ranks of projects like the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Crypto Punks, Doodles and Invisible Friends.

Munchie Mafia Night Club Story and Purpose:

12 Capo dei Capi, Boss of Bosses, overseeing 4,200 of their species were living comfortably in the forests feeding off the bounty of Mother Earth: grass, hemp, bamboo, and beyond. The forest was safe until a group of humans having an afterparty from a nearby nightclub left the fire burning which destroyed 96% of their forest.

The Black Hand and Munchie organized the forest, creating a syndicate of animals along with their families to take back the nightclubs to ensure humans party and once again steward the Earth responsibly. To fund their global initiative to reforest the Earth the Munchie Mafia grew hemp for its versatility and utility to create 25,000+ unique products. With no hope left for a resource-drained Earth, the notorious Munchie Mafia Night Club rose to the occasion and started stewarding the planet responsibly.

Member Benefits:

Early Access to the whitelist of new NFT drops and future projects

Meet and greet with celebrity munchie mafia NFT holders like sponsoring artist DJ Irie

Private parties with all on-site expenses paid

Sports betting access to members only page – Verse Gaming Platform

Use of Munchie Mafia NFT in upcoming earn to play game debuting in Phase 2

Munchie Mafia Night Club all event access

Discounts on Primary Jane organic CBD products & NOTU Watches

Real-estate investment and renewable energy job options and many more to be announced

Invite to 100 Club Master-Mind Group (membership requirements and details to follow)

Discount on exclusive hand-painted canvas created by Munchie Mafia’s artist, Moire Black.

Are you interested in owning and learning more of the Munchie Mafia NFT? Join The Munchie Mafia Discord to join the community and chat with other members or visit the Munchie Mafia website to review our White Paper.

Get whitelisted now! Sign up to make an investment in yourself and in the world! Whitelist me now.

To Learn More More of Munchie Mafia Night Club visit:

Website –

Discord – The Munchie Mafia

Twitter – @themunchiemafia

Instagram – @munchiemafianft

Tik Tok – @themunchiemafia

Youtube – Munchie Mafia

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