Mt. Juliet Relocation Contractor Offers In-Home Moving Of Furniture & Appliances

Feb 13, 2024

If you have a heavy piano or large bed that needs moving, leave it to the experienced in-home moving experts at True Friends Moving Company (615-240-2811) in Mt. Juliet, TN!

Sometimes the most complicated moves involve transporting a single item from one room to another. But with an experienced company like True Friends Moving Company by your side, those moves become a whole lot easier!

If you need assistance rearranging furniture and appliances for remodels, renovations, open houses, and parties, the Mt. Juliet, TN relocation expert can help you out! Should you require it, free packing, alongside delivery and storage are included with their services.

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The team at True Friends Moving Company can perform a range of in-home moves, from simple furniture rearrangements to more sensitive repositions of antiques and valuables. With every job, their experts utilize state-of-the-art equipment and years of problem-solving experience to ensure that your items get to the correct locations with as few complications as possible.

As part of their in-home moving services, True Friends Moving Company offers you temporary storage of your belongings at their secure storage location. Similarly, they can remove any unwanted but usable household items and take them to the applicable recycling or donation centers on your behalf.

True Friends Moving Company’s in-home moving services are typically used for rearranging furniture and appliances before and after remodeling and renovations; however, you can also call the team if you want to stage your home for an open house, clear space for parties and events, and move extremely heavy or oversized items like treadmills, pianos, and pool tables.

To ensure that your in-home moves go smoothly and efficiently, True Friends Moving Company recommends that you clear any potential obstacles out of the way before they arrive. It is also a good idea to have your moving plan solidified before they show up so there are no delays or confusion when they get started.

“No matter how challenging or complex your in-home moving needs, our team at True Friends Moving Company is ready to tackle the job,” said a spokesperson for the company. “Whether you are going through a remodel, need to arrange your furniture for an open house, or need help moving furniture from one room to another, our experienced crews can help.”

The costs of True Friends Moving Company's in-home moving services vary depending on the number of items being moved, the complexity of the moves, and the amount of labor involved. However, before every move, their experts will inform you of the costs, so you don't get burdened with any mystery expenses at the end of service.

If you require assistance with your in-home moving project, you can call True Friends Moving Company at the number in the description or fill out the contact form on their website. One of their relocation experts will get in touch with you to discuss the details of your move and provide a no-obligation quote.

About True Friends Moving Company

True Friends Moving Company has been providing residential and commercial clients with professional packing and relocation services since 2012. In addition to Mt. Juliet, the company serves several other communities across Tennessee, as well as parts of Florida.

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