More Men Booking Sugaring By The Beauticians At Luxury Seattle Spa

Dec 28, 2022

Penelope and the Beauty Bar in downtown Seattle (206-438-1750) is a premier spa distinguished by its highly trained beauticians, special machinery, and its men’s sugaring available seven days a week.

More Men Booking Sugaring By The Beauticians At Luxury Seattle Spa

If you've been wondering if the men's sugaring treatments exploding in popularity at Penelope and the Beauty Bar in Seattle are right for you, the question is, got facial hair?

For any guy with facial hair, the sugaring technique, along with the spa's extraction treatments that clean your pores and get rid of nasty blackheads and zits, are a saving grace.

And they're done by highly qualified beauticians so you don't have to worry about triggering WWIII all across your complexion just because you tried to get rid of a single pimple.

Instead, once your sugaring and extractions are complete, you'll be triggering mayhem among those who want to know your secrets.

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Penelope and the Beauty Bar ensures you have access to the same professional level of facial, sugaring, and extractions services women have enjoyed for years.

They give you the most advanced skincare and body treatments available today, and have even been featured in numerous fashion magazines for the world-class services they offer.

If you're struggling with irritations caused by regular shaving, now you can rescue your skin with help from the highly trained beauticians at Penelope and the Beauty Bar. Their natural sugaring and extractions treatments make it easy for you to take charge of your skin and gain control over your desired facial aesthetics.

Many men now even their facial routines with their haircut or barber shop routines. Because just like a professional haircut cleans up uneven growth and straggled ends, a professional facial recalibrates your complexion while sugaring techniques tidy up your straggling sideburn, mustache and beard growth areas.

The beauticians at Penelope and the Beauty Bar can also apply deep pore cleansing and extractions to safely remove blackheads and other substances that can otherwise lead to stubborn acne.

Exfoliation with top-of-the-line products breaks the bonds between skin cells to slough off the dead layers and bring fresh new skin cells to the surface of your skin for a refreshed, healthy, handsome appearance.

The spa's advanced sugaring technique removes unwanted hair and can be tailored to accommodate your sideburn stylings, chinstraps, anchor beard, goatee, or any other type of mustache or beard boss-ness that makes you, you.

And, when you book the Restore Facial you'll also receive a professional scalp massage to facilitate blood flow and relax tense muscles. Who doesn't need that?!

Penelope and the Beauty Bar offers you world-class skincare and body treatments which they perform using some of the industry's most acclaimed products and special machinery.

Now you can begin scheduling a professional facial every six to eight weeks, just like your usual haircut or barbershop routines, at Seattle's premier spa. Because you deserve it, man.

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