Moore, OK Water Heater Technician Offers Tank & Tankless Installation & Repair

Aug 6, 2023

Are you having trouble getting reliable hot water in your home? If so, get the experts at Kirkland Plumbing Service LLC (405-410-8721) in Moore, OK to take a look at your water heater for you!

Have you ever gone to take a shower or bath and the water just won't get warm? Or maybe you've gone to do the dishes but all you can get out of the tap is cold water. If you've ever been in either of these situations, you may have an issue with your water heater. Thankfully, the experts at Kirkland Plumbing Service LLC have many different solutions to your problems.

The Moore, OK plumbing company's water heater services are designed to provide you with reliable and consistent hot water access all year round. The company offers several different residential and commercial water heater services, including installation, repairs, and maintenance.

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According to the Department of Energy, water heating accounts for about 20% of a home’s energy use. For businesses, this number is much higher, as they typically use more hot water than homes do. This makes having a water heater that is affordable and energy efficient a necessity.

As far as installation, Kirkland Plumbing Service LLC’s technicians can install both tank and tankless water heaters from several different manufacturers. In most cases, they start with a consultation to determine your hot water usage needs and assess the location where the water heat is to be installed. From there, they then make a recommendation for what type of water heater to install.

Regarding the water heater brands that Kirkland Plumbing Service LLC may recommend, they partner with a wide variety of manufacturers known for the quality, reliability, and integrity of their products. Some of these include Bradford White, Navien, Delta, and North Star.

In addition to installation, the company also offers repair and maintenance services. Their water heater experts can fix a variety of common and uncommon issues, including temperature fluctuations, leaks, discolored water, and odd noises. To minimize the amount of repairs needed, their experts can also perform routine maintenance checks to ensure everything is functioning normally.

By having an efficient water heater, you ensure that your home or business has a constant supply of hot water to use whenever it is needed. You also reduce your energy bills, as your water heater isn’t having to work overtime to compensate for underlying issues it may have.

“The guys at Kirkland Plumbing Service LLC came out after an ice storm and replaced a hot water tank located in my attic,” said a satisfied customer. “They completed the job with precision and efficiency as if it was a normal temperate day. I’m convinced that they are really superheroes that perform plumbing jobs in their spare time. I would highly recommend them.”

In addition to water heater solutions, Kirkland Plumbing Service LLC offers a variety of other services for you to take advantage of. For example, their experts can solve a variety of plumbing issues, including clogged toilets, cracked or leaking sinks and pipes, septic problems, and water pressure issues. They can also assist with remodeling and renovations, as well as appliance installation.

Kirkland Plumbing Service LLC is a family-owned and operated business that has been providing professional residential and commercial plumbing solutions to customers across Oklahoma City since 2007. In addition to Moore, the company also serves Midwest City, Edmond, Harrah, Choctaw, McLoud, and Del City.

Visit today and let the hot water flow!

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