Montreal Pillow Manufacturer Designs Handcrafted Throws With Sublimation Prints

Feb 7, 2024

Ever wondered what a pillow with the face of a loved one printed on it might look like? Now you no longer have to wonder, thanks to Pilloo’s personalization service.

Custom pillows—like those produced by PIlloo—are a great gift idea because they are cute, cuddly, attention-grabbing pieces of home decor.

The Montreal pillow manufacturer's personalization service allows you to create unique soft velvet pillows featuring high-quality sublimation prints of your favourite photos, images, and texts. You design the pillows entirely online and typically receive them in 7 to 15 business days.

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To style a pillow using Pilloo’s personalization service, you start by selecting the type of pillow you want to customize. From there, you upload your photo to Pilloo’s website which generates a mock-up of the pillow that you can edit and adjust before submitting your order.

You have a range of sizes and shapes to choose from. Pilloo offers four size options, Small, Medium, Large, and Life-Size. As for shapes, you can opt for traditional shapes like squares, rectangles, and circles, or you can choose to have your pillow cut in the shape of the photo that you provide.

All of Pilloo’s pillows are eco-friendly, using a combination of polyester and soft velvet for the shell, and high-quality stuffing materials for the filling. These materials also make the pillows hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, plus, they can be machine-washed numerous times without deteriorating.

For printing, Pilloo utilizes an advanced sublimation technique—which involves transferring the inks and resins onto the fabrics using heat—to produce much more vivid and longer-lasting designs than traditional printing methods.

The pillows are ideal if you're looking to give a special gift at a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or holiday. You can get them as a way of memorializing a loved one or family pet that has passed. Businesses and corporations also use them as a unique way of promoting their products and services.

“Our pillows are meticulously crafted and designed with modern sensibilities,” said a spokesperson for the company. “Using our personalization service, you get to customize your comfort. Whether it's a cherished memory, a piece of artwork you adore, or simply a pattern that matches your aesthetic - if you can imagine it, we can print it.”

In addition to pillows, you can also create custom bean bag chairs and keychains using PIlloo's personalization service. The process is almost identical and your item will typically arrive in the same amount of time. Should you be looking for a pillow that isn't customized, Pilloo also offers a collection of ready-made pillows featuring eye-catching images and designs for you to choose from.

About Pilloo

Pilloo has been providing customers across North America with custom plush pillows since 1999. The company’s mission is to spread joy, smiles, and huggable memories through its handcrafted products.

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