Modesto Brokerage Offers Agricultural Solar Energy Storage System Installation

Oct 19, 2023

Take your energy self-sufficiency to the next level with Gradient Solar Systems’ (951-445-2271) onsite energy storage solutions and NEM 3.0-proof your Modesto farm!

If you want to become fully energy-independent, you need to store the energy your solar panels generate. 

With NEM 3.0 fully in effect, you now even have more incentives to install solar batteries in your farm, since selling your excess power to the grid is not as profitable as before. 

Gradient Solar Systems is available to help you, whether you’re a winery, a local farmer or play in another segment of the agricultural value chain, make the most of your solar panels with their solar battery installations. 

Visit for more details. 

The NEM 3.0 legislation which took effect on April 13th significantly reduced the amount you receive for supplying surplus energy generated by your panels to the state power grid by approximately 75%. By installing batteries on your property, however, you can store this excess energy generated instead of exporting it to your utility company, leading to enhanced energy self-sufficiency. 

In addition to improving energy efficiency and independence, incorporating energy storage solutions allows you to benefit from tax credits. The Energy Inflation Reduction Act allows businesses to deduct the cost of energy storage systems in the year of installation.

The solar brokerage will connect you with vetted solar battery installers who can outfit your farm, no matter its size, with the right energy storage solutions, ensuring access to a reliable power supply even on cloudy days or during the winter. 

A satisfied client said, “Gradient Solar System LLC did a fantastic job with the installation. Their communication and expertise knocked it out of the park, in my opinion. They answered all the questions I had, and when I thought something was wrong, they were able to troubleshoot what I thought was an issue and helped me understand my system better." 

About Gradient Solar Systems 

Gradient Solar Systems helps California’s homeowners and businesses, including agro-businesses, transition to renewable energy powered by solar. Its team guides clients in choosing the best solar energy solutions that meet their needs and budget. Alongside helping clients make the initial switch to renewable energy, the solar company offers servicing and maintenance throughout California.

Gradient Solar can help you go ‘off-grid’, lowering your energy bills and boosting your farm’s profitability – call 951-445-2271 to speak with one of their advisors. 

You can learn more about Gradient Solar and its full-service solar panel and battery installation services by visiting 

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