Mobile Gifting App Lets You Send Gifts Without An Address!

Dec 31, 2021

Did you know that you could send a gift to anyone, anywhere with just the click of a button? Download America’s #1 gifting app today to see for yourself!

Mobile Gifting App Lets You Send Gifts Without An Address!

Whether you’re breaking up with a partner, trying to impress a new client, or wooing a love interest, you can use Gesture to send a gift that says it all. 

The mobile app lets you send personalized gifts to any US location by providing only the phone number, email address, or social handle of the recipient—it’s that easy! The platform’s advanced No-Information-Needed (NINA) algorithm will then use these details to locate the correct address for delivery while safeguarding your giftee’s privacy. 

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The new app can be used to send gifts for a variety of different occasions and life events, including anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, and even breakups. You can begin by simply selecting a recipient from your contacts and choosing a ‘vibe’ from an array of humorously named categories, which include ‘Glow Up Queen’, ‘Don’t Stay Salty’, and ‘This is Bae’. 

To further simplify the process, Gesture’s AI technology will provide you with a personalized list of gift recommendations based on your chosen vibe. Popular options include rose bouquets, bottles of champagne, chocolate bars, freshly-baked cakes, and more. 

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After you have selected an item, you can add a more personal touch by including a selfie, voice memo, or private e-message. The app also provides a variety of pre-written message templates for inspiration.

The company offers same-day deliveries via courier in 25 cities across the United States, including New York City, Los Angeles, Nashville, San Francisco, and Chicago. Once notified of the intended delivery date, your recipient will have control of when and where they would like to receive their gift.

Gesture also includes in-app features such as G-Feed, which allows you to publicly share the gifts that you have sent or received, and G-Reminders, which lets you set scheduled notifications for upcoming special events. 

A satisfied user said: “I have never had a company take such a personal interest in seeing a customer satisfied. The people at Gesture are truly amazing and lifesavers. I needed help with a last-minute holiday gift and they helped me to get it completed even when I believed it to be impossible.”

Gesture takes the effort—not the sentiment—out of gift-giving.

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