MN Company Unveils New CBD Formulations for the Big 3: Insomnia, Joint Pain and Anxiety

Apr 27, 2020

MyInsomniaFix LLC is a science and research based CBD company that’s ultimate goal is to bring the power of CBD to the Midwest and beyond through quality, affordability and medical research. Check out our website for more info.

MyInsomniaFix LLC, Minnesota-based leader in CBD oil retail, recently launched their all-new CBD Oil – the handpicked products are carefully curated to help relief the ‘Big 3’, i.e. Insomnia, Joint Pain and Anxiety.

MyInsomniaFix proudly introduces their latest range of premium quality CBD products, including Full-Spectrum, Broad-Spectrum and topicals.

This exclusive range comes with high quality Minnesota grown CBD, available blends contain the rich potential of CBN and CBG. These are newly discovered cannabinoids that show promise for focus and healthy sleep.

“Our products are dedicated to simplicity and nature – they are rich enough to effectively help with join pain, insomnia and anxiety, and natural enough to be ultimately accessible for all and have no potential side effects and psycho-activity”, explains Mark Paschke, the founder of MyInsomniaFix.

The MyInsomniaFix range of products undergoes a special extraction process that ensures highly concentrated, purely, and naturally derived organic-quality CBD oils that contain the full spectrum of phyto-cannabinoids and terpenes.

“We believe that everyone deserves to achieve the best state of their health. That is why MyInsomniaFix consistently relies on high-quality hemp CBD products for your well-being.”

Our CBD tinctures come in different concentrations, have excellent bio-availability and are specially designed for easy use. They are ideal for on the go. Made from naturally pure hemp grown in the Midwest, hemp has long been considered a high-quality superfood due to its versatile health benefits. Now more than ever, Americans are prioritizing their health and your body has a whole system that’s sole function is to use cannabinoids to maintain homeostasis in the body. 

Naturally pure hemp products and local superfood of the highest quality. Hemp has long been considered a high-quality food due to its versatile health-promoting effects and good tolerance. Well-being through plant power is the new health goal for most Americans today.

About MyInsomniaFix: MyInsomniaFix is a Minnesota-based company committed that offers effective and high-quality range of CBD products. Inspired by the personal experience, the founder decided to share the amazing potential of CBD oil with everyone who suffers from the ‘Big 3’ – insomnia, joint pain and anxiety. Because we listen to our customers , we can offer different blends that are formulated for different effects. We are passionate about learning and our blog is always showing the latest medical and scientific research on CBD and other Cannabinoids. We also have an affiliate program for those that are interested.

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Mark Paschke


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