Mississauga Artificial Turf Expert Offers Synthetic Grass Installation For Yards

Aug 12, 2023

Are you tired of having to mow and weed your lawn on a regular basis? Well now, thanks to Lazy Lawn (888-622-5296), you can get a synthetic grass lawn that is virtually maintenance-free!

It can be back-breaking work, getting out the lawn mower and weed whacker every week, fertilizing the lawn, and setting up the sprinklers. If you want to preserve your back, but still enjoy a beautiful and pristine lawn, consider switching to the synthetic option from Lazy Lawn!

Their synthetic grass options are affordable alternatives to natural grass, that don’t require watering, fertilizing, or mowing. The company offers seven different types of grass, all of which can be installed professionally or by you.

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Lazy Lawn offers seven different types of synthetic grass to choose from. Their Emerald Rye, Kentucky Blue Lite, Lemongrass, Natural Fescue, and Spring Fescue varieties are multipurpose and considered more cost-effective options, while their Luxurious Fescue and Viridian Rye varieties are intended only for lawns and landscapes and are considered more premium options.

Each grass option has its own colour, thatch, pile height, and face weight. As far as their composition, they are all made using soft polyethylene UV-protected synthetic fibers, which are designed to look, feel, and react like natural grass. Because they are UV-protected, they also won't dry up, dis-colour, or burn in the sun.

You can have your Lazy Lawn synthetic grass installed professionally or you can opt to install it yourself. With each option, the area where the grass is to be installed needs to be excavated and levelled first, before the base materials can be laid down. Once the base materials are in place, the turf can be installed over top of them.

For professional installation, Lazy Lawn offers three packages depending on the square footage of your project. Each package includes the turf itself, any disposal of existing turf, and all other necessary labour. Generally speaking, Lazy Lawn will send a team of 3 to 4 synthetic grass experts to complete each job. For the DIY option, Lazy Lawn will deliver the turf and provide thorough instructions on how to install it yourself.

Lazy Lawn’s synthetic grass provides you with many benefits that natural grass doesn’t provide. For example, synthetic grass requires very little maintenance; it just needs to be cleaned occasionally using water. With synthetic grass, you also eliminate the possibility of weeds developing or moles and other pests digging up the grass.

“Synthetic grass is a great alternative to natural grass,” said a spokesperson for the company. “It’s easier to maintain, more durable and lasts much longer. It also significantly reduces your water consumption while still enriching the aesthetic and value of your property.”

If you are interested in having synthetic grass installed in your yard you can call Lazy Lawn at the number in the description or you can get a no-obligation quote by using the DIY estimate tool on their website.

Based in Toronto, Lazy Lawn has been supplying clients nationwide with high-quality synthetic grass applications since 2013. In addition to lawns and yards, the company also provides artificial turf for pet play areas, sports fields, putting greens, terraces, landscapes, and playgrounds.

Get the maintenance-free lawn you've always dreamed of by visiting https://artificialgrass.lazylawn.ca/

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