Menlo Park Ketamine Infusion For Major Depressive Disorder: Safe Therapy

Sep 12, 2023

The medical community is hailing the arrival of ketamine as a revolution in the mental health space, and Soft Reboot Wellness (+1 650-419-3330) is bringing cutting-edge depression therapy to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Soft Reboot Wellness introduces San Francisco to the groundbreaking benefits of IV ketamine therapy, led by board-certified cardiac anesthesiologist Dr. Sara Herman.

A growing body of medical research is demonstrating that ketamine, at very low doses, can help to reset your mind in ways that traditional antidepressants don’t. If you suffer from treatment-resistant depression, or another mental health challenge, meet with Dr. Sara to see if IV ketamine therapy can help.

More details about how ketamine works in depression treatment can be found at

Soft Reboot Wellness offers you a safe and medically-supervised alternative to traditional treatment approaches, such as SSRI and SNRI medications. Your therapy will be individually tailored to your own circumstances, and is closely overseen by Dr. Sara, allowing for minor adjustments to be made if needed.

A recent report from Johns Hopkins Medicine characterizes ketamine as a “groundbreaking” and fast-acting approach to treatment-resistant depression. The center explains that, while current antidepressants work to increase levels of serotonin, norepinephrine, and/or dopamine, ketamine causes a rise in glutamate, your brain’s most common chemical messenger.

The net result is that the neurotransmitters in your brain begin to function better, giving you relief from a wide range of symptoms and conditions. Of course, the best approach to mental health is to tackle it on multiple fronts, and Soft Reboot Works to incorporate ketamine therapy into your wider health and wellbeing plan.

Soft Reboot Wellness now offers this cutting-edge therapy across the wider San Francisco Bay Area. The clinic conducts in-depth consultations with each client in order to determine their suitability for ketamine, their personal goals, and how the therapy can work as part of a wider treatment program.

“Our modern lives are increasingly characterized by chronic stress, which reduces levels of critical neurotransmitters, especially serotonin and dopamine, found in parts of the brain linked to depression and other mental health issues. “Ketamine can reverse this process and the symptoms that come with it. At low doses, ketamine relaxes the mind and gives it a break from cyclical self-defeating and limiting thoughts and stories.”

A case study of ketamine IV infusion therapy in Palo Alto for depression can be read here:

About Soft Reboot Wellness

After 15 years of experience as a cardiac anesthesiologist, Dr. Sara Herman had her own encounter with mental health problems during treatment for breast cancer, following which she began to investigate the emerging new field of psychedelic healing. After studying with some of the country’s leading authorities, Dr. Sara founded Soft Reboot Wellness to introduce the technique to the San Francisco region.

“I’ve seen Dr. Sara at Soft Reboot Wellness for ketamine treatments,” one client recently stated. “Dr. Sara is the best doctor I’ve ever seen, and the sessions are a blessing. For me, it’s like a mental and emotional reset, with a different perspective of the things, situations, and questions in my life.”

If traditional antidepressants aren’t giving you the results you hoped for, Soft Reboot Wellness offers an exciting new alternative.

Book an initial consultation to see how ketamine therapy can help you. Interested parties can find more information by reading this clinic's post.

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