Memorial, Houston, TX Best PPO Dental Checkups & Advanced Oral Prophylaxis

Mar 15, 2022

You may remember Steve Martin singing: “My boy, I think someday you’ll find a way to make your natural tendencies pay / You’ll be a dentist / You have a talent for causing things pain.” Not at Dentist 101! Call 713-773-1300 today!

Memorial, Houston, TX Best PPO Dental Checkups & Advanced Oral Prophylaxis

The truth is dentists have a reputation as sadists. On the other hand, the team at Dentist 101 is clearly on the side of the angels: you can tell just by reading all the amazing reviews!

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Dentist 101, led by Dr. Jessica Su and a team of adult and pediatric specialty dentists, now offers comprehensive dental care services, including Invisalign, crown and bridge prosthetics, and root planing treatments. Furthermore, the practice accepts Preferred Provider Organization or PPO plans, allowing patients the flexibility that goes with broader dental insurance coverage.

While people often dread dentist visits and associate them with invasive root canals, extractions, or implants, preventative hygiene is the most effective treatment for dental health. Oral health includes the health of gums, bones, glands, and nerves and impacts both self-image and well-being - for example, your ability to smile, taste, and chew, and even your facial expressions. Over 20% of the population fails to visit the dentist regularly. But consistent dental checkups from an early age encourage children to understand the value of excellent oral health practices for life and to detect potential dental problems early.

Dentist 101 focuses on building good relationships with its patients based on trust and a commitment to providing the best care possible. The clinic will undertake a thorough inspection of your teeth, gums, jaw, and supporting structures during a standard check-up and dental exam. Scaling procedures to eliminate tartar build-up and polishing to remove any surface stains are also employed by the clinic's technicians.

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Following tartar removal, the team will conduct a full checkup employing both visual and X-ray results to see if there are any more dental flaws and to assess your risk of future dental abnormalities. Their examination regimen also includes oral prophylaxis and cleansing. Dentist 101's committed team has many years of experience in pediatric dentistry and knows how to get even the most nervous of patients to relax, while also educating you and your kids on the importance of excellent oral hygiene.

One customer said: "Great dental experience. Dr. Su was very friendly and welcoming. And her technique for applying local anesthetic is amazing. I’ve always felt little to no discomfort during my visits. The team here is great as well. Karla and Shawn have been awesome with scheduling. I highly recommend this location."

One field where the phrase "No pain, no gain" does not apply is dentistry! Maintenance of healthy teeth and gums need not be a chore: you and your family just need regular - and pleasant! - checkups!

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