Medford, OR Best Commercial Lawn Care Company Offers Mowing & Sod Installation

Jun 7, 2023

Let Golden’s Landscape Maintenance (541-778-8452) transform your property’s lawn into an emerald oasis! They are the experts to call for the best local commercial property landscaping in the Medford area. Find out more at:

Commercial landscape maintenance is hard work that requires both time and knowledge. So why not hire the experts at Golden’s Landscape Maintenance?

So, who are these green-thumb wizards, you ask? Well, Golden's is a family-run business that works their lawn care magic on commercial properties in the Medford area, with lawn mowing, trimming, and so much more.

Curious? Hop on over to their website at:

Now, if you've been dreaming about jazzing up your property's lawn with some snazzy landscape features, Golden's will work with your vision to create the beautiful space you desire.

According to, healthy green spaces protect the public by reducing the risk of disease. Properly managed and treated lawns and landscapes can reduce the transmission of diseases carried by pests, such as Lyme Disease, usually transmitted by black-legged ticks, West Nile Virus, and Zika Virus, which is usually transmitted by mosquitos.

Healthy green spaces can also reduce the risks of fire hazards, which is a real threat to the Rogue Valley. Turf grasses and lawns offer significant protection because they can serve as natural fire retardants and firebreaks. Low-growing natural grasses, like maintained lawns, are considered low hazard potential for fueling fires.

Commercial properties in Medford and the surrounding areas need this type of defense, as recent events have shown, and Golden’s Landscape Maintenance is there to help.

Whether it's sod installation, irrigation repair or edging to create decorative spaces, Golden's Landscape Maintenance has the professional knowledge and skill to beautify any commercial location while also making it more resistant to fire.

Golden's also uses edging, which creates decorative features and adds a fancy touch to any garden. Edging not only looks good, it helps keep your plants healthy by preventing soil erosion. It's also a great way to stop grass from sneaking into your flower beds and can even be used to create charming border walks.

Golden’s Landscape Maintenance was founded by Jamie Golden in 2015. The Talent, Oregon-based company offers weekly and monthly maintenance packages in Medford and surrounding neighborhoods like Central Point and Ashland.

A spokesperson for the company said: "We are a dedicated team of professionals who pride ourselves in perfection, quality, and always showing up to get the job done right. Family-owned and operated, we care greatly for each of our customers as if we were working for family."

Why not check them out yourself? Visit their website at:

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