MC Medina Releases New Music after Winning WeddingPro Awards

Nov 15, 2022

From Homeless to Hero: Proof that hard work, direction, charming professionalism, and extraordinary track record means you’re winning!

MC Medina Releases New Music after Winning WeddingPro Awards

MC Medina named winner of the Best of Weddings & Couple's Choice Award placing higher next to >2.2 Million other competitors to take home top honors. presented the award to MC Medina earlier this year. Details about MC Medina on The Knot can be found on the company website at Details about MC Medina in Wedding Wire can be found at

Potential award recipients were required to be Professional Wedding Vendors in order to be in contention for both the Best of Weddings & the Couple's Choice Award, and were judged based on Ratings, that are scored based on couple's review, using the platforms, and Several 5 Star Reviews. Ruben Antonio Medina, President, CEO, & Master of Ceremonies of MC Medina was elated about the company's performance, saying:

"It's truly a blessing to do what I love to do & help make lifelong dreams & memories come alive. The connection made with everyone on staff & the couples are truly unforgettable, and I'm honored to represent a group of professionals that genuinely enjoy their craft." The company has been active several years in the entertainment industry providing the most elite bilingual event services. "Putting the client(s) first, at all times, is the secret to ultimate success, and its exciting to get to see all of that hard work payoff in these 2 awards."

Amongst Texas' Most Professional , MC Medina is an expert wedding MC & DJ who has been in the industry for over 20 years, providing the most elite bilingual MC services and music entertainment. Professional, energetic, and passionate, this turntable DJ and entertainment guru will provide an experience that couples and guests will never forget.

MC Medina is a seasoned professional who started his career in the industry circa 1998, learning the tricks of the trade, then honing his craft to become the expert he is today. He established himself in 2002 in Dallas Texas, becoming one of north Texas' most professional entertainers truly standing out in the industry, with "such an amazing personality." Event producers, wedding planners, booking agents, & even record labels are raving about his ability to help create an enjoyable , but most importantly memorable experience on & off camera.

With a reputation for intentionally prioritizing customer care and satisfaction, plus focusing on the specific needs for every event, MC Medina has everything we're looking for or ever dreamed of. A solid sense of humor, playing specially requested tunes throughout the night, and mixing from a wide range of music genres, this guy is sure to impress. As a seasoned music producer, singer, & performer he is likely to throw in one of his very own musical creations. His entertainment group also offers uplighting services to set the scene and provides event items, including fog machines, lasers, and other sound equipment to keep the celebrations alive & poppin'.

Listen to original MC Medina Instrumentals-

Featuring hit single Manifest (Metaphysical) " epic track that features incredible sound design. MC Medina, flexes some serious production talent..." -EDM Movement

Recently he's teamed up with recording artist Gaia Lectra putting out 2 very unique singles titled, Shivaya (Remix) & Land of Fire, produced, written, arranged, recorded, & edited by MC Medina. Both songs were accompanied by their respective instrumental release, for those wanting a non-lyrical musical escapade be sure enjoy these songs now available on all steaming platforms.

Gaia Lectra brings a refreshing new sound to the music industry. With a background in everything holistic from Reiki to Yoga & Qi Gong, her musical style is based heavily on introducing mantras to her listeners. This style is easily recognized in her debut single "Shivaya." Here's what the UK Market is saying about it:

Gaia Lectra Ft. MC Medina- Shivaya (Remix)

Following the brilliant single "Shivaya Remix," Gaia Lectra is back with another fantastic song, "Land Of Fire," a piece that will bring light, power, and bliss to the international music scene. There are many reasons artists decide to share their music with the world. Some artists think it is a great chance to become famous, make money and feed their ego; others love to entertain and have fun. Then, there are artists like Gaia Lectra, who, conscious of a much more profound and powerful spark, decide to share their music to heal, enlighten, and make the world a better place!

Gaia Lectra- Land of Fire

Gaia Lectra's sound "breaks the barrier between music and mindfulness with pulsing beats and rhythmic vocals leading the way." -Holly Hammond from Right Chord Music

"Then there are artists like Gaia Lectra, who, conscious of a much more profound and powerful spark, decide to share their music to heal, enlighten, and make the world a better place!" -Content Director at Planet Singer

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