Mayport’s Best A3 Scanners & Colour Printers Now Available For Best Prices

Dec 20, 2022

Looking to buy, lease or rent high-quality, reliable A3 printer scanners, photocopiers or other top-notch office machines? Be sure to ring up the Tech4 Office Equipment Ltd team at 01228-672186. They serve businesses in Carlisle, Cumbria and the surrounding locales, and now Maryport as well!

Mayport's Best A3 Scanners & Colour Printers Now Available For Best Prices

Remember those blokes in 'Office Space' who 'fixed' the office printer with a baseball bat and some savage, righteous kicks that would make an OG shrivel?

Well, if you choose the experienced team at Tech4, you’ll never again be tempted to unleash your inner gangster on your office equipment. And if you get printer 'jams,' they’ll be the good kind - that’s to say, you’ll be jammin’ with joy for the overall quality, flexibility and reliability of Tech4’s top-notch products and competitively priced, hassle-free service.

So if you’re in Maryport and in need of office equipment or equipment repairs, you’re in luck! Most recently, Tech4 have been happy to expand their service footprint and product line to companies in Maryport, especially wholesalers.

Their product line includes A3 printers and scanners, A3 office colour printer scanners, A3 laser printers, photocopiers and other multi-function devices. Their products will help Maryport businesses across a wide range of industries, from construction to legal services and accounting, to streamline and secure their document management workflows.

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You’ll be able to take advantage of the company’s selling, leasing and short-term renting services, which are available for almost all their machines. You’ll also benefit from Tech4’s repair services and highly cost-effective maintenance contracts.

Ever heard of digital transformation? In recent years, businesses of all sizes worldwide have increasingly integrated digital technology into every aspect of their operations. That means these businesses’ document requirements have expanded far beyond yesteryear’s simple printing and copying functions. In turn, expanded document requirements have entailed expanded office equipment capabilities as well, and hence the rise in multi-function devices (MFDs).

Interested in leasing printers and other MFDs for your business? Go here to find out more:

Tech4 have come to the rescue to meet this increased demand for MFDs by specialising in high-quality, reliable A3 printers. These machines offer medium- to large-sized businesses a flexible, cost-effective solution with a wide range of functions. You can use them to copy and scan information, locally and remotely print documents up to A3 size and fax online, and you can also control them remotely.

With these MFDs, Tech4 continue to expand their range of high-quality electronic office equipment for commercial and home offices throughout Cumbria. On their website, you’ll also find loads of helpful advice about purchasing high-quality office printers and other devices. To check it out, go to

A company spokesperson said: ‘We are a family-run business based in Carlisle, built on the core values of honesty, integrity and a team ethos. Those values have earned Tech4 Office Equipment a great reputation for reliability, clear contracts, great prices and excellent service.’

Not sure about your print requirements? No worries! Tech4 can give you all the flexibility you need with a simple, month-to-month contract and no capital outlay. To find out more, visit

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