Master Negotiation As A Coach: New Strategy Program For Professionals

Dec 12, 2023

Jeanne Omlor wants to help you become a negotiation master! Learn the powerful strategies that she used to achieve million-dollar growth without spending a dime on advertising.

Your Business, Your Future

Coaching can be a great way to monetize your valuable knowledge! Real, reliable, actionable business advice has become a rare commodity indeed in today's oversaturated world, and if you have the skills to be successful in your field, then you could be selling those skills as a lucrative side hustle!

However, breaking into the market is not easy. You need to establish a client base, build your authority and presence in your niche, and develop a program that is worth paying for - all before you can even think about making a dime off of your new business.

According to recent studies, the early development phase is the most treacherous for new consulting startups, leading to a failure rate that can be as high as 85%!

Don't despair, though! There is hope for you yet!

Those same studies go on to explain that the most commonly cited reasons for these failures are almost always a lack of foundational strategies! Networking, outreach, specialization - all low-paid work that is nonetheless ESSENTIAL to building a successful consulting practice, and yet most entrepreneurs skip right past it - much to their own detriment.

With all of that in mind, allow me to introduce you to Jeanne Omlor.

Jeanne is a professional business coach who specializes in these early stages of consulting development. As a highly successful consultant herself, she knows what it takes to get through this difficult period, and she is ready and waiting to guide you by the hand through to the other side!

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Join The BSA 2 Program!

Jeanne’s training program, the Business Success Accelerator 2, covers everything from negotiation to networking, content marketing to organization. Her specialty lies in teaching you how to promote your business without ever spending a dime on traditional front-facing advertising content, allowing you to invest in other important areas right away!

Specifically, when you join the program, you will be able to learn her unique approach to offer design. Build your client base, create a social media presence, and develop new outreach methods to ensure maximum exposure in your niche!

Jeanne also explains how to leverage intangible benefits, and how to offer “freebies” in order to increase the perceived value of your initial offer without impacting your bottom line.

Personal, Private, Powerful

This material is presented in the form of personal, one-on-one conferences with Jeanne, during which time she will explore how each of her methods can be applied to your unique business model. With her guidance and encouragement, you will be able to confidently build a client base while also setting the stage for future growth.

Complementing this material is Jeanne’s inner circle discussion group, a network of highly motivated entrepreneurs who have worked with Jeanne in the past. The group is dedicated to the celebration of success in the community, giving you and your fellow participants a place to your latest moves with like-minded individuals who have similar goals and experience.

Jeanne Omlor: Coaching Queen

Jeanne developed her proprietary methods over the course of a celebrated career in the coaching industry, during which time she worked in a wide range of niches, from fashion to baking to Wall Street strategy.

Her most recent triumph saw her grow a new business from the ground up, achieving a 7-figure income in a 2-year timespan using the methods that now form the foundation of the Business Success Accelerator program.

Interested in joining the program? You can book a free video strategy session with Jeanne to explore your goals and discuss how Jeanne may be able to help you achieve them. A wealth of testimonials and case studies can be found on her website alongside a link to schedule these preliminary meeting sessions.

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