Make-A-Wish Wisconsin Honors The Wheels For Wishes Car Donation Program

May 15, 2018

The Make-A-Wish Wisconsin Chapter has added the Wheels For Wishes car donation program to its Super Stars Wall mural, signifying over $300,000 in lifetime donations.

  • make a wish wisconsin honors the wheels for wishes car donation program
  • make a wish wisconsin honors the wheels for wishes car donation program

Wheels For Wishes surpassed the $300,000 lifetime donation mark with Make-A-Wish Wisconsin. The local chapter of Make-A-Wish honors any organization that reaches this mark with a spot on their painted mural named the wall of “Super Stars.” The wall is covered with names of foundations and plenty of stars but the importance of being on the wall goes far beyond recognition. Learn more about the Wheels For Wishes car donation program at

“A wish experience brings families back together, giving children new energy and resolve and restoring normalcy to their lives,” Patti Gorsky, president and CEO of Make-A-Wish Wisconsin said. “On behalf of wish families, volunteers, the Board of Directors and Make-A-Wish Wisconsin staff, we thank YOU for your heartfelt commitment to the Make-A-Wish® mission.”

Since 2010 Wheels For Wishes has been making donations to local Make-A-Wish chapters like Make-A-Wish Wisconsin to better the lives of kids in need of wishes. Through the proceeds from car donations to Wheels For Wishes, Make-A-Wish Wisconsin has been able to grant wishes to kids in the form of meeting their idols like Clay Matthews, John Cena, and even Bigfoot!

“So honored to be able to show your support in this way… Thank you for all you do!” Andrea Hug, corporate relations and events manager of Make-A-Wish Wisconsin, said.

The proceeds from those donations helped Wheels For Wishes be recognized on the wall of Super Stars. These car donations help Make-A-Wish Wisconsin grant wishes for local kids who are facing critical illnesses. Each and every Wisconsin vehicle makes a difference, regardless of whether it’s seen better days or it’s last year’s model.

“Wheels For Wishes looks forward to continuing our great support of Make-A-Wish Wisconsin to further promote our goal to assist those who help make dreams come true for every Wisconsin child facing critical illness,” Loren Dorshow, Executive Director of Car Donation Foundation, said.

Car Donation Foundation d/b/a Wheels For Wishes is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) vehicle donation organization. Wheels for Wishes donates funds that benefit Make-A-Wish chapters. Wheels For Wishes donors receive free towing and a tax-deductible receipt. Car Donation Foundation has donated over $47 million and counting to worthy charities across the country.

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