Magnetic Filtration Croatia Provides The Best Maintenance In Oil/Gas Production

Sep 3, 2021

These innovative magnetic filters, distributed across Eastern Europe and Central Asia by Vento Global, provide industrial operators with cost-effective solutions that extend service life without consumables.

Extend the life of your industrial machines and reduce CAPEX. Vento Global, a Croatian distributor of radial-field magnetic filtration devices across Eastern Europe and Central Asia, has launched an enhanced range of solutions for heavy industry, oil, gas, and energy production facilities.

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Based on patented technology, the expanded product line provides operators of heavy machinery with a magnetic filtration solution that uses minimal consumables and can extend the life of your equipment, greatly improving your environmental impact and capital expenditure.

Industrial equipment represents a significant investment for many sectors, and failure due to mechanical wear and tear can impose considerable financial burdens. As the world moves towards more environmentally friendly methods of operation, many industrial operators are also seeking solutions that cut down on waste while prolonging the service life of the equipment.

Headed up by founder and visionary Miroslav Gojak, Vento Global has been at the forefront of technology that provides you with an answer to many of these issues. The latest range of solutions comes from Canadian manufacturers One Eye Industries (OEI) and Black Powder Solutions (BPS), and offer you economical filtration systems. Additional information can be found at: Magnetic Filtration System For Stationary Mining Equipment

Primarily designed to extend the service life of your equipment and reduce wastage from consumables, the patented magnetic filters utilize a radial field to attract ferrous materials. Non-ferrous particles that have an electric charge are also captured. The removal of contaminants from the system can greatly reduce component wear and tear without a need to remove or replace filters.

Indeed, the latest range of products is designed to provide you with 18+ years of use, amounting to significant savings in consumables alone. The new systems are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications and are already utilized in the mining, manufacturing, petrochemical, and defense sectors.

Miroslav Gojak, the founder of Vento Global, stated: “We live in a world with limited resources but in a mentality of constant replacing. We act like this with our assets as well as with our relationships. Only keeping the values brings prosperity. My strong belief is that with this approach we can overcome the significant challenges and create a sustainable economy, acceptable from economic and ecological aspects.”

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