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Oct 13, 2021

The team at Vento Global explains the newly launched filtration system is designed to remove black powder from mining, oil, gas, and energy production pipelines using magnetic technology to prevent pipeline erosion.

Do you work in mining, gas, oil, petrochemical, or energy production? Do you worry about pipeline corrosion or erosion? Have you considered using an innovative system that utilizes magnetic filters? If you want to find out more, this is the solution for you!

A new cost-effective mining industry solution has been launched by the team at Vento Global. Using cutting-edge magnetic filtration from One Eye Industries and Black Powder Solutions from Canada, they can cut the maintenance costs of heavy machinery by 50%.

Vento Global, a Croatia-based company, has launched a magnetic filtration solution for heavy machinery designed to reduce maintenance costs and equipment downtime and extend the life of industrial components. The products are now available to clients across Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

You can find more information by visiting: Vento Global

The company has a long history of being a leading provider of patented magnetic filtration solutions that can extend equipment lifespan, help you reduce production costs, and lower negative impacts on the environment.

Through mining equipment and machinery, large amounts of particles are formed in all lubricated systems due to wear out. Traditional filtration systems cannot remove particles below 10 or 5 microns, leading to extended downtime while also needing ongoing maintenance.

It is problematic as once formed, black powder will continue to build, leaving all piping and equipment vulnerable to its erosional impacts, states Miroslav, the founder of Vento Global.

A patented magnetic filtration system can remove 95% of particles, rating below one micron for more effective results. Due to their radial magnetic field design, the magnetic filters can offer substantial holding strength and high dirt holding capacity.

You can now improve the operational efficiency of already installed equipment by using a magnetic filtration system as an inline full-flow system to remove black powder from pneumatics, pumps, gearboxes, other rotational equipment, and water systems.

The driving force behind Vento Global Group, Miroslav Gojak, is an engineer and entrepreneur with a personal commitment to making the heavy industry more environmentally friendly. Miroslav Gojak has a background in engineering, and his team strives to help machinery operators with the best solutions to everyday mining challenges.

In addition to mining, oil, gas, and energy, Vento Global magnetic filtration solutions are employed in commercial and residential building, manufacturing, transportation, food, pharmaceutical, defense, petrochemical, and marine sectors.

Additional information can be found at Magnetic Filtration System For Stationary Mining Equipment

In line with the company’s commitment to providing solutions, environmental impacts are decreased, do not consume energy to operate, and result in lower carbon emissions.

Compared to conventional filters requiring frequent changing and disposal, Vento Global products are reusable, need minimal consumable components, and support sustainability.

The final result is lower carbon emissions and reduced environmental impact. You can now improve the usage of resources and assets by applying new and innovative technologies that bring about positive change.

Further information and videos can be found at Magnetic Filters Croatia – Heavy Machinery

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