Madison, WI Top Spa Offers Deep Tissue & Hot Stone Therapy for Lower Back Pain

Apr 23, 2024

Get rid of your back pain the best way there is; with a massage at A Better Body (608-640-3646) in Madison, WI! At this holistic spa, you can combine a deep tissue massage with hot stone therapy to get the most out of your treatment.

Do you have back pain that's just refusing to go away? Then, A Better Body is here to help! They offer therapeutic massages custom to your body and needs, for example, a combination of a deep tissue massage and hot stone therapy to put an end to stubborn back pain.

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By combining the intensity of deep tissue massage and the healing powers of hot stone therapy, the licensed massage therapists can target tensed muscles and offer fast pain relief.

Holistic Treatment for Body and Soul

A Better Body takes a holistic approach to health, and the treatments are focused on physical as well as inner well-being. By offering to add a hot stone massage to the therapeutic bodywork, the spa wants to give you a soothing experience.

"Hot stone massage offers a luxurious and deeply therapeutic experience that can benefit both body and mind," a spokesperson for the company said. "Whether you're seeking relief from muscle tension or stress or simply want to indulge in some much-needed self-care, this ancient healing practice has something to offer everyone. "

Hot Stone Therapy Used in Ancient Egypt

A Better Body explains that hot stones were used as a therapeutic treatment among indigenous cultures from the Americas to ancient Egypt before being discovered again in the 1990s. The material is smooth volcanic or basalt heat stones with high heat-retaining features that are placed on the body to transfer the warmth into strained muscles and help them relax.

Alleviate Pain With Combo Treatment

Combined with deep tissue massage, hot stone therapy can be a deeply relaxing and pain-alleviating treatment. During a deep tissue massage, the therapist will focus on certain problem areas and on reducing inflammation and tension, and can help treat pain in the whole back, neck, legs, and more.

A satisfied client shared a testimonial: "I've been receiving massage therapy regularly with A Better Body for several years. They are a standout group of professionals. All the staff are so personable. I look forward to coming in and saying hello to them just as much as the excellent services they provide."

About A Better Body

The spa is located in Madison but offers its services to nearby neighborhoods like Middleton, Verona, and Fitchburg. In addition to custom therapeutic massages, A Better Body offers a range of other services, including health and wellness coaching for those who want to build healthy eating habits.

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