Exfoliating Foot Scrub Near Middleton, WI: Benefits of Removing Dead Skin Cells

Apr 9, 2024

Get those feet ready for spring and summer with an exfoliating foot scrub at A Better Body, a massage therapy spa near Middleton, WI! Not only will you have the freshest feet in town, but prevent infection and itchiness!

Exfoliating Sugar Foot Scrub in Middleton, WI

Can you confidently say that you would feel proud to parade your feet around town in an open-toe sandal after this winter? Probably not, right? Get those tootsies ready for spring with a foot scrub at A Better Body, a massage therapy spa just a stone's throw away from Middleton!

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Don't let shabby winter feet get in the way of a cute outfit! By offering an exfoliating sugar scrub, the therapists at A Better Body want to make you feel confident to show off your toes and feet in sandals and heels.

Efficient Treatment for Calluses and Dry Skin

After a long winter of cold toes and tight boots, you and many others are experiencing more calluses and build-up of rough and dry skin on your feet. An exfoliating scrub can address this issue, as well as contribute to improved wellness for tired feet, A Better Body says.

Health Benefits of Foot Scrubs 

According to an article from The Healthy, 50% of women in a study said that they were embarrassed by the condition of their feet. Furthermore, the article suggests that while skincare and other beauty treatments have gained popularity in recent years, foot care is still lacking despite the considerable amount of pressure they endure. An exfoliating foot scrub can stop dead skin cells from building up, reducing flaky and itchy feet, as well as keeping the pores clean to prevent irritation and infections.

What's Included in The Treatment

A Better Body will begin the exfoliating treatment with a warm towel wrap before applying a sugar foot scrub. After the scrub, the therapist will apply moisturizing cream for a rejuvenated and smooth feeling.

If you have especially dry or cracked feet can, you opt for the Eco-Fin treatment, a foot massage focused on hydration. The product used is a petroleum-free alternative to paraffin, and the massage therapist will give a soothing massage for the oils to absorb into your feet. The Eco-Fin treatment is also available for hands.

About A Better Body

The Madison-based massage therapy spa was founded in 2012 by Kaitlin Rohowetz, a licensed massage therapist and certified health coach. The practice specializes in personalized massage treatments focused on pain prevention and stress reduction. Some of the other services provided by A Better Body include hot stone massage, skin care treatments, corporate chair massage, and wellness coaching sessions.

"Our society's medical culture has trained us to fix problems rather than prevent them. Massage can definitely help with a lot of those initial problems, but it's also so much about preventing them in the first place," Kaitlin said.

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