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Jul 3, 2023

Do you hate the glare of sunlight when you’re watching TV? Would you like to be able to control your home’s lighting whenever you want? Then Inside Solutions (913-890-3737) in Overland Park has the blackout and light-filtering products you need!

While we’re not all vampires, sunlight can be a real pain in the neck when you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep, but the dawn comes way too early! So whether it’s for your crypt or your condo, Inside Solutions has the perfect blackout and light-filtering shades.

The company’s light-filtering products include roller shades, Roman shades, honeycomb shades, and cellular shades.

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Inside Solutions’ team also offers no-obligation consultations to help you find the perfect lighting for each of your home’s rooms, while also creating cooler environments during the hot summer months.

From glare across the television screen to early morning sunlight that wakes you up when you want a lie-in, the sun can become an annoying presence in almost every room. That’s why Inside Solutions have a wide range of blackout and light-filtering products so you can create your ideal lighting throughout your home.

The company’s blackout shades are able to block 100% of the light coming through a window, making them ideal for your media rooms to create cinema-like darkness for watching movies or playing games. They are also suitable for bedrooms should you wish to create a darker room to improve your sleep.

For rooms requiring some light, Inside Solutions’ range of light-filtering shades allows in some natural lighting while also reducing its overall harshness and amount of penetrating UV rays. This reduction also helps you save money on your air conditioning, as they can prevent as much heat from coming in during the hottest times of the day.

Having been working in the industry for over twenty years, Inside Solutions has an unparalleled knowledge of both residential and commercial window treatments. Their experience also allows them to provide you with customized fittings that meet any unique requirements.

If you are looking to install light-filtering shades in your home, you can contact the company to get no-obligation consultation. As all window treatments are custom-made, these consultations also include a free measuring service.

A spokesperson for Inside Solutions said, “We offer a variety of blackout and light-filtering shades, so there’s something for every style of decor.”

Don’t let the sunlight be your nemesis and get a good night’s sleep with Inside Solution’s light-filtering and blackout shades.

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