Machiavellian Office Politics Exposed In Animal Spirits Book by H. C. Yip

Aug 20, 2023

“Animal Spirits – Office Politics: Karma Bites Hard” demonstrates author H. C. Yip’s engaging, satirical storytelling about workplace scenarios that will have you vigorously nodding your head and saying, “That is so true!” Check out the book today!

Office politics and toxic work culture can have a profoundly detrimental effect on both individuals and the organizations they work in. One of the primary impacts of such environments is on employees' mental health, as these stressors fuel anxiety, depression, and burnout. Let this book help you de-stress, and hopefully give you inspiration on how to cope with toxic workplace cultures!

Author and motivational speaker H. C. Yip's latest book, "Animal Spirits - Office Politics: Karma Bites Hard,” exposes the toxicity, manipulation, and exploitation that he believes have tarnished the finance industry's reputation in modern times.

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Yip, who was laid off from his finance job during the pandemic, is no stranger to this harsh work environment. He draws heavily on his experiences observing the Machiavellian nature of office politics and the industry’s winner-takes-all mindset. His book paints a humorous yet incisive picture of these high-power, high-stress workplaces, where the fight to come out on top often leads to a toxic hierarchy.

"Animal Spirits - Office Politics: Karma Bites Hard" tells the tale of Monkey, a benevolent leader among the office 'animals,’ who gets poisoned. The story pins this heinous act on Wolf, a power-hungry character who embodies the worst aspects of selfish ambition.

In Yip's anthropomorphized office, readers will meet an array of characters emblematic of the intense competition and self-centeredness prevalent in such industries. These include a character who uses emotional manipulation and seduction to get ahead, and the calculating Eagle, who commits the tragic act under manipulation.

Despite its humor, Yip's book does not shy away from critiquing the exploitative work culture, pushing readers to reflect on the widespread trend of self-serving hierarchy in modern workplaces.

Fact is, the job satisfaction of employees immersed in a toxic work culture is likely to plummet. Consistently feeling stressed, undervalued, or mistreated can lead to disengagement, poor performance, and a lack of commitment to the organization. While it is evident that leaders at all levels have a responsibility to foster a positive, respectful, and inclusive work environment to promote individual and organizational success, this does not always happen in real life, and "Animal Spirits" shows that difficult reality to readers.

High turnover rates are a common outcome of toxic work cultures because employees are likely to seek work elsewhere when they feel unsupported. H. C. Yip found his place as a writer after leaving such a work environment. In some ways, the book also allows readers to reflect on what really matters, and whether it is time to leave for something they are passionate about.

About the Author

Before becoming a writer, Yip enjoyed a successful career in finance, providing him with firsthand insights into the industry's dark underbelly. His previous works, "Five Steps to Getting Your Business Financed" and "Near Death Experience: Imagination or Reality,” have been well-received by readers and critics alike. With his latest book, Yip demonstrates his ability to shed light on social issues through his brand storytelling.

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