Louisville, CO Holistic Dentist Offers SMART Protocol Amalgam Filling Removal

Nov 17, 2023

For dental care that not only addresses your immediate concerns but also contributes to your long-term health, book an appointment at Studio Z Dental (303-802-4313). They offer holistic treatment options for the whole family!

Here are some statistics - according to the 2023 State of America’s Oral Health and Wellness Report, 92% of adult survey participants believe that their oral health is “extremely” or “very” important to their overall health. Well, isn't that obvious, you'll ask?

It is, but that doesn't mean that what works for your teeth works for your whole body. Did you know that some materials used in dental treatments are toxic, for example, amalgam fillings? That's why it's important to find a dentist who will look out for your long-term health and wellness.

Studio Z Dental, a family dental clinic in Louisville, stands out for its holistic approach to dentistry, with a range of cosmetic and restorative treatments that prioritize safety, natural materials, and minimally invasive procedures. Here's what they offer:

  • Preventative care and cleanings
  • Teeth whitening
  • Periodontal care
  • Fillings
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Veneers
  • Dental implants
  • Invisalign
  • and much more!

Basically, they provide all the services that you'll find at a traditional dental clinic, only theirs are safer, more personalized, and focus on improving your overall health, rather than just masking the symptoms. So when you go about showing off that pearly white smile of yours, you'll be feeling great inside, too!"

Find their full service range at https://www.studiozdental.com/

At Studio Z Dental, we use a holistic approach to dental care that emphasizes the 'why' instead of the 'what'," said a representative for the clinic. "We don't just diagnose you and recommend a single treatment to solve your problem. Instead, we take the time to understand the cause of your oral health issue and develop a comprehensive plan of action."

Bioceramic restorations

For its restorative and cosmetic treatments, such as crowns, bridges, and veneers, Studio Z Dental uses bioceramics - a long-lasting, biocompatible material that is tolerated well by the human body and is less likely to cause an allergic reaction. Plus, you can even opt for biocompatible testing beforehand to make sure it's a perfect fit for you.

SMART protocol amalgam filling removal

In addition to using biocompatible, mercury-free materials, Studio Z Dental can remove silver amalgam fillings in accordance with the SMART protocol, reducing the levels of mercury vapor and your exposure to toxins.

Ozone therapy

Studio Z Dental embraces ozone dentistry therapy, a holistic treatment beneficial for various dental procedures. Ozone therapy is used for periodontal disease treatment, extraction site disinfection, and root canal procedures. During root canals, ozone gas sterilizes the canals and eliminates bacteria before sealing, reducing the need for more toxic substances.

Other holistic treatments

The clinic also offers other holistic treatments, including:

  • Biologic extractions
  • Platelet-rich fibrin in surgical procedures
  • Cavitation treatment
  • BPA-free, gluten-free, and latex-free dentistry
  • Meridian tooth charts

What do patients say?

The clinic is highly rated by patients, with an average rating of 4.9 on Google based on over 200 positive reviews. “This office has a great balance of holistic and traditional dentistry,” said a satisfied patient. “My whole family comes here and we love the entire staff. My kids especially appreciate Dr. Faraj and his bedside manner. We drive from Wheat Ridge because they are just that good.”

If you're seeking comprehensive, natural, and minimally invasive dental care, Studio Z Dental is your best bet. The clinic offers a comfortable, home-like environment to ensure all patients feel great - from children to seniors.

Book your appointment today at https://www.studiozdental.com/

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