Lose Yourself In The Pages Of This Captivating Western Love Story Novel

Dec 23, 2020

The sixth book in the Bear Creek Brides series has been released. The novel is a romantic work of fiction that tells the story of a mail-order bride in Montana.

Fall in love with this enthralling and dramatic page-turning romantic work of fiction by romance author Amelia Rose!

Amelia Rose, the author of The Rescued Bride and other romance titles, has released her newest novel, A Loving Heart For The Loyal Deputy.

Go to https://www.amazon.com/Loving-Heart-Loyal-Deputy-Historical-ebook/dp/B08C32SJ27 for more information on the release of the book.

The newly released book is available to purchase on Amazon for Kindle and is the sixth book in the Bear Creek Brides Series by Amelia Rose. The work of fiction is 205 pages long and is also available as an audiobook through Audible. The book can also be purchased in paperback.

The new release is described as a gripping tale of love and danger that asks the question; can you ever heal a broken heart?

Set in Montana in 1893, A Loving Heart For The Loyal Deputy tells the story of Bethany Duncan and Deputy Tanner Williams, whose love story begins when the troubled deputy places an ad for a mail-order bride in the paper.

The story follows Bethany as she travels from Tennessee to Montana to escape the control of her father and find love with the deputy whose words she has fallen in love with, only to discover a town gripped by danger and violence.

In this work of fiction, the deputy longs for peace, but the violence in his town threatens to awaken ghosts from his past and destroy his romance with Bethany, his mail-order bride.

Every turn of their romance seems riddled with obstacles and they begin to question the effectiveness of the mail order bride system. The new release asks, are love and determination enough to secure a future of happiness for them, or is life determined to knock them down?

The newly released book features dramatic twists and surprises to keep the reader entertained, and is described as an enthralling and captivating quest for love and happiness.

Amelia Rose is an author of romance fiction novels. Her previous works include The Rancher’s Fiery Bride, Healing A Self Conscious Woman’s Heart, The Untangling Of Two Hearts, and other titles.

Her latest release is the sixth book in the 12-book Bear Creek Bride series.

Are you ready to get lost in the pages of this beautifully romantic novel?

Go to the URL above for more info on Amelia Rose and the release of her new book.

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