Los Angeles Holistic Wellness Center Offers Reiki Therapy & Hypnotherapy

Mar 4, 2024

Ready for an emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual transformation? Heal Yourself Therapy (844-347-2742) offers expert Reiki therapy that can rebalance your chakras and restore the healthy and free flow of energy through your body, mind, and spirit.

Whether you're seasoned in the healing powers of Reiki or you've been thinking about booking your very first session, an experienced Reiki practitioner can take your health to the next level. Heal Yourself Therapy now offers specialized Reiki therapy services, which can be paired with its hypnotherapy sessions, to realign your chakras and balance your energy flow.

Want to learn more? Just go to https://healyourselftherapy.com/reiki/

Reiki In Clinical Studies

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has completed five studies on the effectiveness of Reiki therapy. These studies produced overlapping data that supports Reiki’s ability to reduce anxiety and pain, improve fatigue and depressive symptoms, and strengthen overall well-being.

Reiki At Heal Yourself Therapy

Reiki therapy is based on an ancient theory that an invisible life force, or “chi”, runs through the human body and all living things. Heal Yourself Therapy's Reiki practitioners strive to remove blocks in the flow of this energy which they believe can result in physical, mental, or emotional disturbances. In this way, the practice attempts to harness your body’s natural ability to heal.

This specialized holistic therapy centers around the eight chakra points in the human body as identified by many Eastern medicine practices. Heal Yourself Therapy's trained Reiki practitioners will use essential oils, crystals, and gentle touch on you to bring you deep healing and a sense of harmony on a spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental level.

"Reiki is the perfect add-on to your hypnotherapy sessions as it aids in putting you in a flow state," said a representative for Heal Yourself Therapy. "Having an improved flow of life force energy can enable healing on all levels as it reduces symptoms of illness. By integrating Reiki into our services, we are expanding the pathways through which our clients can achieve the profound and lasting changes they seek."

You can book an appointment for Reiki, or any Heal Yourself Therapy session, by going to https://healyourselftherapy.com/appointments/

About Heal Yourself Therapy

With offices in Los Angeles, NorCal, and Florida, Heal Yourself Therapy is one of the most trusted names in mental health and holistic wellness. Founder, Sasha Carrion has been featured on major programs like The Doctors, Carson Daly, and the Ricki Lake Show. Specialists in treating anxiety, phobias, stress, addiction, and weight issues, Heal Yourself Therapy is consistently one of the top-rated health groups by Yahoo and Google. The practice has a dedicated staff with decades of experience in the industry and offers sessions online, as well as in person.

Want to learn more about Heal Yourself Therapy and schedule your Reiki therapy appointment? Get started today by visiting https://healyourselftherapy.com/

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