Delray Beach Hypnotherapy To Quit Smoking & Vaping: Book A Free Consultation

Mar 28, 2024

Did you know that hypnotherapy can be used to help heal a wide variety of mental health issues? Modern hypnosis is a respected and effective alternative to more mainstream therapies. Try it today at HEAL YOURSELF (844-347-2742) in Delray Beach, FL!

Struggling with anxiety, depression, weight gain, or addictions? Looking for a therapy solution that cuts to the heart of your issues?

Try hypnotherapy from the HEAL YOURSELF Therapy! Now serving the Delray Beach, FL, area. More details at

Book a hypnosis therapy (hypnotherapy) session with a trained and certified professional and get help with a wide variety of psychological issues, phobias, addictions, and compulsions. The clinic offers in-person and virtual sessions, catering to both Delray Beach residents and those of you who may be traveling out of state.

Take Back Control

HEAL Yourself Therapy wants to put you in control of your emotions and habits, re-wiring your brain to forge new healthier behavioral and cognitive patterns. Each session is tailored to your unique needs, with most clients feeling a noticeable change after just one session.

Impressive Recovery Rates

According to a comparative study by American Health Magazine, 93% of hypnotherapy patients recovered from their presenting issues after six sessions. This success rate dropped significantly for behavioral therapy – 72% after 22 sessions – and a 38% recovery rate across 600 sessions of psychoanalysis.

Will It Help Me?

Hypnotherapy by HEAL YOURSELF Therapy has proved successful in treating conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, sugar addiction, smoking or vaping cessation, insomnia, anger, OCD, and those living with grief. Other clients have found relief from chronic, migraines, fertility issues, and autism. It could help you too!

Specialists In The Field

The top-rated therapy office has an effective team of therapists, some in person and others available online – each with an array of specialties, covering everything from neurolinguistic programming, performance anxiety, self-esteem, writer's block, past life regression, panic disorders, and inner child therapy to Heart wall clearing, chakra alignment, relationship rescue, and hormone balancing. Learn more at

Free Consultation

Get in touch with HEAL YOURSELF Therapy to arrange a free consultation. In addition to hypnotherapy, the group also offers you life coaching, body code sessions, reiki, and relationship counseling. The team has successfully treated elite athletes, celebrities, leading scientists, doctors, surgeons, musicians, and actors, helping them identify and remove mental blockages.

In-person hypnosis sessions are carried out at their which is based at 550 SE Sixth Avenue in Delray Beach, FL.

Learn the tools and techniques that can help you turn your life around. Visit HEAL YOURSELF today!

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