Los Angeles, CA Insurance Broker Offers Affordable State Fund Alternatives

Jan 25, 2023

Construction industry contractors who want to save money on State Fund insurance premiums can rely on the services of Los Angeles, California-based Cal Commercial Insurance.

Los Angeles, CA Insurance Broker Offers Affordable State Fund Alternatives

Is your construction business paying exorbitant State Fund insurance premiums? This brokerage can help!

Cal Commercial Insurance, which services Los Angeles, California, announces the launch of its expanded selection of policies. With this development, you can easily find coverage that suits both your needs and budget.

Learn more by visiting https://statefund.calcommercialinsurance.com

With the broker’s help, you can maximize profits by lowering State Fund premiums—without sacrificing the quality of coverage. It works with construction companies, general contractors/subcontractors, HVAC contractors, concrete contractors, plumbers, painters, and artisan trades in the construction industry.

According to the agency's experts, the construction and renovation sectors have inherently high-risk worksites where employees are liable to get injured. Moreover, mishaps during projects might cause damage to a client’s property, which the contractor will be legally and financially responsible for.

Given how expensive covering injuries and repairs can be, the commercial insurance specialist offers a variety of policies that protect your bottom line. Since it is an independent brokerage, the company has no ties with any single insurer and proposes the most cost-effective plans from its roster of partner insurers.

Because of a new California law, Contractors State License Board issued Important Notices to HVAC C-20 and Concrete Contractors C-8, notifying them of a new law requiring proof of workers' compensation insurance. No license in these classifications will be issued, reinstated, reactivated, or renewed without that proof.

Given the inherent risks associated with working in construction, the agency also provides workers’ compensation insurance at rates that meet limited budgets. This policy will shoulder the majority of medical bills should your employee sustain an injury while working on a job site.

The agency adds that many clients will only work with fully insured contractors, highlighting the need to get adequate coverage. Moreover, such policies allow your business to continue running even if unexpected incidents happen.

Cal Commercial Insurance is a leading brokerage that offers trusted advice and affordable protection to clients. Aside from Los Angeles, it also services the areas of San Clemente, Mission Viejo, Dana Point, Laguna, San Juan Capistrano, Long Beach, Santa Ana, Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, and the full state of California.

A spokesperson says: “We are committed to finding the best insurance quotes for the most affordable rates. Being independent means we work for you—not insurance companies. Our goal is to protect your business and prepare you for the unknown.”

Stop overpaying for State Fund insurance policies. Get in touch with Cal Commercial Insurance today!

Simply call 949-771-7731 or visit https://www.calcommercialinsurance.com/insurance-services if you need further information about the company and its offerings!

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