Los Angeles’ Best Holistic Dentist Offers BPA Free Fillings & Amalgam Removal

Feb 21, 2024

Remove you old nasty mercury fillings and replace them with non-toxic BPA-free fillings at the Center for Integrative Wellness and Laser Dentistry. This clinic led by biological dentist Dr. Emma Abramyan offers holistic dental treatments for your overall health!

Are you walking around with “silver” mercury amalgam fillings in your mouth? How about composite fillings that contain Bisphenol A (BPA)? Even if you can’t see it, toxic components of these restorative materials get released into the body, affecting the whole ecosystem that you are. 

There’s no reason you have to just endure this, though - not when biocompatible, metal-free, BPA-free tooth-colored fillings are available from biological dentists such as Dr. Emma Abramyan of the Center for Integrative Wellness and Laser Dentistry in Glendale, CA. “Dr. Emma” specializes in non-invasive dental treatments that promote your overall well-being. With her expertise, you will feel just as good as your smile looks walking out of her clinic!

Go to Dr. Emma's website to learn more about holistic dentistry and how it can help you become healthier: https://dremmaabramyan.com/

BPA-Free Fillings: The Latest Update of Century-Old Treatment

Mercury amalgam fillings have been used for nearly 200 years now, but dentists have since found better, safer materials with better aesthetics. Bondable resin composites are now common practice. 

But many of those resins contain BPA, a chemical that interferes with your hormones. What Dr. Emma offers is a modern take on this old invention that takes all parts of health and wellness into consideration. So she goes the extra mile and uses only BPA-free materials and no metals when filling teeth. 

You get a nontoxic, durable, and visually pleasing result that’s perfect for the health-minded dental patient!

Oral Health - Part of Your General Well-Being

Oral health, Dr. Emma explains, is interlinked with the body as a whole, as we see, for instance, in the case of gum disease raising the risk of heart conditions, Alzheimer’s, and other systemic health problems. 

In addition to offering a biological alternative to other filling materials, Dr. Emma integrates other holistic practices into the treatments she offers. These include things like micro air abrasion, dental lasers, and medical grade ozone to ensure a safe and comfortable experience that gives long-lasting results. 

Remove Old Mercury Amalgam Fillings Safely

Furthermore, Dr. Emma can replace old mercury amalgam fillings with biocompatible alternatives such as BPA-free composites and ceramics. When doing so, she follows the SMART (Safe Mercury Removal Technique) protocol to limit excess mercury exposure during the procedure. In fact, Dr. Emma was one of the first dentists to adopt this protocol, developed by the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology).

About Dr. Emma 

Dr. Emma Abramyan is the founder of the Center for Integrative Wellness and Laser Dentistry and has almost two decades of industry experience.She is one of the few fully certified biological dentists in Southern California and hopes to highlight the important role oral care plays in overall health. 

If you want to learn more about Dr. Emma's philosophy and book a visit, go to https://dremmaabramyan.com/

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