Holistic Dentistry In Glendale, CA: Biomimetic Tooth Restorations Now Available

Apr 22, 2024

Protect your dental health and systemic health with Dr. Emma Abramyan’s holistic dental services at the Center for Integrative Wellness and Laser Dentistry in Glendale, CA. Dr. Abramyan now offers biomimetic biological tooth restorations as a safer, healthier alternative to restorations using mercury-based alloys.

Protect Your Portals to Protect Your Health!

Your mouth is one of your body’s major portals, so if you have problems with your oral health, those problems could quickly spread to other parts of your body. Bacteria in your mouth can cause gum inflammation, for example, and could also negatively impact your heart, lungs, or brain. 

That’s why maintaining your oral health is important to maintaining your overall health, and vice versa.

Dr. Emma Abramyan, a Leading Biological Dentist

If you’re looking for holistic dental services in or around Glendale, California, you should check out Dr. Emma Abramyan at the Center for Integrative Wellness and Laser Dentistry. You can check out the full range of services at https://dremmaabramyan.com/

“Dr. Emma,” as she’s known to her patients, offers a wide array of biological dental services ranging from SMART mercury removal and ozone whitening to metal-free, BPA-free fillings and LANAP periodontal regeneration, and biomimetic restorations.

A Functional Biological Approach to Dentistry

Dr. Emma’s biomimetic restorations are rooted in a functional biological approach to dental medicine, which views each patient’s oral health in relation to their whole health. This means she won't treat your dental issues in isolation but as connected to other aspects of your physical health, such as your digestion, nutrition, and your body’s pH levels. Dr. Emma and her team at the Center for Integrative Wellness and Laser Dentistry are focused on making your dental experience a personalized and positive one.

Dental Treatments that Support Optimal Systemic Health

The Center’s new biomimetic treatments are among the dental services that have recently caught attention due to their being both minimally invasive and patient-friendly. Dr. Emma encourages such approaches to help you overcome unpleasant emotions you may have from your past dental experiences and to help you achieve optimal systemic health.

Neurotoxins, Anyone? Didn't Think So.

Working biomimetically, Dr. Emma uses only materials that mimic your natural dentition, such as modern bondable dental ceramics. These materials are a healthier, more natural alternative to mercury alloys, especially since mercury is a well-known neurotoxin.

Biocompatibility, Anyone? Yes, Please!

Unlike mercury alloys, the materials used in biomimetic restorations will be biocompatible with - or well-tolerated by - your body. Better yet, biomimetic restorations are designed to closely mimic your tooth’s natural appearance in color and shape.

Additionally, since they mimic your teeth’s natural shape, biomimetic restorations can restore their natural strength and functionality and help you get back to biting and chewing comfortably. The treatment’s advanced bonding techniques directly attach restorative materials to your tooth structure for a strong, long-lasting bond.

A Certified Biological Dentist

Dr. Emma Abramyan is one of the few fully Certified Biological Dentists in Southern California and the founder of Holistic Dental Wellness of Los Angeles. She is a well-known biological dentist with nearly 20 years of experience as a clinician, researcher, and educator.

Ever Heard of "Enjoyable Dentistry"?

When you think of going to the dentist, words like "enjoyable" and "care, love, and compassion" don't usually come to mind - but they just might if you make Dr. Emma’s holistic office your new dental home. 

“Dr. Emma and her extraordinary team took such great care of me,” happy patient Mary Chamber says. “I was blown away by the level of care, love, and compassion I received. I feel so much better, my pain is gone along with constant brain fog, and my labs never looked healthier. I’m so grateful to have found Dr. Emma!”

Learn more about Dr. Abramyan's background, dental philosophy, and full range of services at https://dremmaabramyan.com/

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