Long Island Thermography Scans To Screen Breast Health For Women; Mobile Panels

Feb 26, 2024

Are you interested in a scan that can shed light on your risk for breast cancer? Thermography Solutions ((516) 676-0200) offers individualized mobile health panels that help prevent breast disease in women aged 30 to 60.

There are definitely hereditary predispositions to breast cancer, but, for some, early detection, lifestyle changes, & healthy dietary choices can offer effective prevention.

Thermography Solutions uses painless infrared imaging technology to screen for signs of breast inflammation that may suggest early-stage breast disease, so you can take early action.

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✦ Breast Cancer Risks ✦

While breast cancer is often related to hereditary issues, there are many lifestyle and dietary habits that can lead to increased risk. Specifically, breast cancer has been linked to obesity, diets high in saturated fats or processed sugars, and alcohol consumption.

Identifying the disease in its pre-cancerous stage can give patients the opportunity to implement lifestyle and dietary changes that can help to prevent its progression.

✦ Solutions At Thermography Solutions ✦

Thermography Solutions' health panels use infrared imaging to create a full, color-coded image of your internal health, highlighting areas of increased or abnormal heat and inflammation that can suggest the development of cellular masses.

Women can opt for Thermography Solutions' non-invasive screening method that can be issued for just the area around the breasts or as a full body scan. The clinic's infrared imaging scans have the potential of detecting imbalances in their earliest stages by showing increased blood flow to certain groups of cells.

Depending on the presence of inflammation found in your thermography scan, the certified practitioners at Thermography Solutions can refer you to various specialists and design a personalized treatment plan aimed at preventing disease progression.

Your unique treatment plan may include a diet that prioritizes anti-inflammatory foods, herbal remedies, and other lifestyle changes. Then, you can receive future thermography scans to see how your body responds to these changes and track your progress.

✦ About Thermography Solutions ✦

With multiple locations in Long Island, Thermography Solutions offers a range of integrative medical care, detoxing, and wellness programming along with its thermography services. The practice's CEO, Dr. Kristine Blanche, has an extensive clinical background in wound care, general surgery, critical care, emergency medicine, and integrative medicine. The specialized tea, at Thermography Solutions focus their treatment plans on disease prevention and holistic wellness.

Want to learn more and schedule an appointment with Thermography Solutions? Get started today by visiting https://www.kristineblanche.com/thermography

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