Long Island Thermography Center Offers Health Panel Scans To Detect GI Issues

Jun 2, 2023

Are you suffering from chronic gastrointestinal discomfort? Thermography Solutions (516-676-0200) will provide you with an intensive health panel scan using infrared technology to detect the source of your symptoms so you can start improving your health.

Our gut is a mysterious, beautiful mess of tissue, bacteria, and over 100 million neurons. So, GI problems can have a massive impact on our overall health, and unfortunately, can be linked to cancer.

Thermography Solutions offers a non-invasive, safe alternative technique that detects areas of inflammation in the body to pinpoint the underlying cause of GI problems.

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✦ What's Thermography? ✦

Thermography is a non-invasive imaging method used to detect abnormal thermal activity in the body in infrared wavelengths.

A full thermography scan creates a color-coded typographic heat map that reveals where your body is experiencing higher or lower levels of inflammation which can be used to identify the origin of certain medical problems.

This technique is typically used to detect disease patterns. As a disease initiates inflammation can often proceed the disease diagnosis, increasing the temperature in that area which can be detected by a thermography scan.

✦ How Thermography Solutions Can Help ✦

Thermography Solutions wants to support patients who suffer from chronic digestive issues and have yet to find relief with its alternative diagnostic method. The center's team will perform a non-invasive infrared scan of your head, neck, chest, abdomen, back, and breast to identify thermal changes in any of these areas that may point to underlying causes of gastrointestinal inflammation or malfunction.

The center's intensive health panels are suitable for both men and women. After receiving a full thermography scan, you can discuss your results with Dr. Blanche, who will explain the areas in your digestive system that the scan highlighted and what this can mean for your health.

Dr. Kristine Blanche has extensive clinical medical experience spanning over 26 years working at highly ranked academic institutions; George Washington University Hospital, and The North Shore University Hospital at Manhasset.

After gaining a comprehensive understanding of your body's typographic heat map, if you wish to address any issues detected, Thermography Solutions also offers various wellness programs you can discuss with your doctor.

✦ About Thermography Solutions ✦

With locations in Huntington and Babylon, New York, Thermography Solutions was established by Kristine Blanche, PhD, who has developed unique treatment protocols for a variety of conditions. The center aims to provide holistic care that focuses on disease prevention and empowerment of the individual patient through education and encouraging active involvement in their health. Thermography Solutions uses infrared imaging to identify health risks and design holistic treatment plans to prevent disease progression.

Want to learn more and schedule an appointment with Thermography Solutions? Get started today by visiting https://thermographysolutionsny.com/

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