Long Island NY Home Automation Installer Introduces Google Home Mini With Video Doorbell

Jun 12, 2018

Long Island smart home installation company Concepts Automated has launched a bundled product offer to customers across Suffolk and Nassau counties. The company will offer a Google Home Mini with every purchase and installation of a fully compatible smart home video doorbell device.

Long Island smart home installation company Concepts Automated announced its a new bundled product offer in the counties of Nassau and Suffolk. The company offers residential customers a complimentary Google Home Mini bundled with the purchase of a video doorbell.

More information about Concepts Automated Long Island Smart Home Installers is available at http://longislandsmarterhome.com

According to a report, by global management consulting firm McKinsey, the American smart home market has experienced substantial growth at approximately 31 percent. Despite the relatively slower proliferation of fully connected automated homes, the growing sophistication of smart home devices has contributed to their proliferation. McKinsey also estimates that 75 percent of network-connected home devices are purchased through service providers.

Concepts Automated is expected to offer the Google Home smart speaker as a bundled product with every purchase and installation of a compatible video doorbell such as the Nest Hello. The company provides installation services for automation solutions ranging from Loxone smart homes to integrated smart controllers from Leviton and other service providers. Information about this offer can be found at http://longislandsmarterhome.com/nest-hello-promotion/

The company's team of expert technicians provide safe, efficient, and unobtrusive installation, setup, and basic troubleshooting. The firm leverages its vast experience with commercial systems to ensure that all devices are installed and configured in compliance with manufacturer specifications.

According to a spokesperson for the Manhattan, Queens, & Long Island connected home installation company, "We believe that smart home technologies are set to shape the way people interact with their residential spaces. We are delighted to be able to offer exceptional value in the form of a complimentary Google Home Mini device with the purchase of a fully compatible video doorbell at a discounted price." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpFRuePuZZU

Headquartered in East Meadow, NY, Concepts Automated provides efficient installation services for commercial and residential home automation systems, video doorbells, home appliances, and other smart home products. The company's service area covers 138 towns and cities across the state of New York. More information is available over the phone at 516-500-7033 and at the URLs above.

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