Long Biased Day Trading Expert Mentorship Essential As Social Becomes The Norm

Mar 11, 2023

As social trading is becoming more popular than ever, the MIC bridges the gap between peer community and expertise with new resources for those interested in long-biased strategies.

Long Biased Day Trading Expert Mentorship Essential As Social Becomes The Norm

With social trading booming, opportunities for massive wins - and dramatic losses - abound, says Alex Temiz, co-founder of My Investing Club.

✔ Big Investors Are Turning To Reddit

A recent Brunswick Group survey found that 58% of “smart money” investors (professionals trading on behalf of pension funds and banks) have based at least one investment decision on info they found on Reddit - a figure unimaginable just three years ago.

Coming on the heels of an industry-wide post-pandemic shift that has seen the growing popularity of social media information among both investors and day traders, the new trend comes with a higher risk for beginners, warns Alex.

✔ Social Learning Done Right

Peer information can be a valuable resource for novices - but it can also expose them to unstructured, potentially risky advice, especially when not mediated by insights from more experienced traders.

Balancing access to a community of like-minded peers with expert advice from top mentors, MIC is now offering an expanded database of video lessons on long-biased trading - a fundamental skill for beginner day traders.

As a member, you will also have access to regular live webinars offering an in-depth dive into essential day trading concepts - and the MIC chatroom provides opportunities to further explore any topics and get expert guidance from peers and mentors.

✔ About MIC

Founded by Alex Temiz, Bao Nguyen, and Tosh Bradley, MIC is set to revolutionize the world of day trading education by connecting traders of all experience levels with peers and experienced mentors in a supportive, growth-oriented online space. Widely considered one of the most supportive day trading education communities, MIC continues to expand its range of resources on topics ranging from day trading fundamentals to advanced analysis.

“It is our mission to mentor and guide as many people as possible to become consistently profitable day traders,” said Alex. “When we first started, we wished there was someone to help us. MIC was created to arm traders of all levels with all the necessary tools to achieve success and total financial freedom.”

✔ Set The Right Foundation For Day Trading Growth

With MIC, you have access to all the resources you need to trade smarter in 2023.

Go to https://myinvestingclub.com to get started!

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