London’s Best Hip Pain Specialists Offer Fast Appointments & Self-Referral

May 25, 2023

Get your hip pain diagnosed, and treated, fast. MSK Doctors (0330 001 0048) in London allows you to book your own appointment online, with no referral, no hassle, and no waiting list, so you can see the top experts, at your convenience.

Did you know that in medicine, like most industries, there's often more than one way to accomplish a goal?

For example, my doctor says that after a hip replacement, rules have to be put in place to restrict your mobility and help to prevent dislocations.

I disagree though - because obviously, that doctor is working with the old techniques, while I'm thinking about the new ones. It's not that my doctor is wrong, exactly, he's just a little outdated, because the new surgical technique has no mobility restrictions, and a reduced risk of dislocations... but I'm getting ahead of myself, aren't I?

Let's back up a step - because I want to tell you how you can get a second opinion, a faster diagnosis, or a near-immediate MRI, as well as a cutting-edge surgical technique that offers the benefits we just talked about.

It's easier than you might think, it's just a single-step process, and I'm going to tell you how it works, right now.

All you have to do is book an appointment.

No, really. If you're suffering from hip pain, or anything else, you can use a new fast-access program from the musculoskeletal specialists at MSK Doctors in London. They'll get you in to see a top expert, right away.

Try it for yourself, just visit to book your own appointment, right now.

When you've been injured, it can be tough getting in to see a specialist right away. In many cases, you may get a quick diagnosis, but you could be left waiting for treatment.

While the MSK Doctors private clinic is known for having some of the top hip specialists in the UK, they're now also becoming known as one of the fastest, when you need to see a specialist right now. The new self-referral program allows anyone to see a specialist at their own convenience - and also includes access to innovative diagnostic tools, such as the only Open MRI scanner in the county.

To book an appointment, just visit the MSK Doctors website and click “Book Online” to view a list of available times and dates. The clinic doesn't ever use a waiting list, and if they don't have the specialist you need, they'll know who does. They're partnered with several specialist clinics in the area, so you can get the care you need, fast.

An MSK Doctors specialist will work with you to determine the most effective treatment for your condition, choosing from a wide range of traditional treatments, advanced techniques, and minimally invasive regenerative procedures. There are too many options to list here, but you can find details about each procedure on their website.

In many situations, the MSK Doctors team can offer techniques not available yet through the NHS, such as the SPAIRE hip replacement procedure. I know that may sound scary, that it's not available from the NHS, but it's not because the operation is dangerous - it's because they have to retrain all their surgeons first.

This technique has been thoroughly researched and tested and has been found to offer significantly improved results because the surgery itself causes less damage to your hip area. With the SPAIRE technique you can go home soon after your surgery, with absolutely zero mobility restrictions.

Yes, you read that right - no restrictions. Typically, after a hip replacement, you need to be super careful about how you move, so you don't dislocate your new hip - but not with the SPAIRE technique.

The SPAIRE procedure “spares” several important muscles and tendons from being cut, and as a result, there's less damage done, and you can heal significantly faster. It also means that you can move around pretty much as normal, without worrying about dislocating your new hip.

I don't know about you, but that's a pretty "hip" upgrade if you ask me...

For more information, why not ask the experts?

You can schedule your own appointment, for tomorrow, or later this week, just visit

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