London Rental & Relocation Support For Students: Get Support With Settling In

Sep 1, 2023

Are you thinking of moving to London but have no idea where to start? Maybe you’re confused by all those strange UK terms and processes. Then let London Relocation (+44-207-993-0422) remove the stress with its helpful Settling-In Service.

Let's face it - the UK is its own entity with alien plug sockets, washing machines that live in the kitchen, and taxes for owning a TV, commonly known as the 'TV license'. If that didn't throw you off, I hear they eat something called 'beans on toast'. Why would anyone put beans on toast?? London Relocation is here to help you with all of these seemingly inexplicable concepts as you settle into life in your new dream rental.

The Settling-In Service supports newcomers to London with a range of unfamiliar UK processes such as setting up bank accounts, utilities, council tax, and dealing with contractors. Offering you a smoother transition to life in a new country, London Relocation is available to answer any of your questions, big or small.

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The service has been developed to remove the stress and overwhelm that often occurs when moving to an unfamiliar location. London Relocation can save you precious time by meeting with contractors, on your behalf, to support you with the quick set-up of essential services such as broadband and cable. The company also supports you with utility arrangements by providing a list of suppliers and an easy guide to setting up your online accounts.

For the first six weeks of your tenancy, London Relocation is available to assist with communication between landlords and/or property agents to ensure that any required work is completed quickly and efficiently. The company will also take responsibility for supervising your chosen contractors, removing any stress from unresponsive landlords or service providers.

London Relocation is also at hand to give advice and knowledge on the local area, whether it be guidance on the best GP surgeries or a particular dining recommendation. You are invited to use the company’s helpline for any question about London, no matter how small. So don't be embarrassed about asking where the nearest 24/7 McDonald's is.

As well as support with the moving-in process, London Relocation also offers a full check-out service when you are ready to move on to a new property. This includes key returns, securing deposit repayments, and negotiation with property management or landlords regarding dates.

About London Relocation

Founder AJ Gallo has used his own relocation experience, and the challenges that came with it, to form a team of experienced expats, able to meet the expectations and requirements of any individual looking to relocate to London. Connected to more agents than any other property firm in the UK, London Relocation prides itself on speed, matching clients with their dream property as quickly as possible.

One satisfied customer said: “London Relocation was the perfect choice for us. Coming from Tokyo, we had limited time and knew little about London and the intricacies of its property scene. The company helped us from day one, assisting with our bank account set-up, showing us properties and finally helping us move in. They were there every step of the way; we could not have asked for a better service.”

Let London Relocation help you get settled in so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy life in the best city in the world.

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