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Mar 24, 2024

Dreaming of moving to London but don’t know where to start? London Relocation (+44 20 7993 0422) knows the best schools and properties in the area to help make your dream a reality.

London: the best city in the world!

With so many wonderful areas to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. Do you choose the vibrant streets of Shoreditch or the laidback vibes of Dulwich? Should you stay central or head out further into the suburbs? North, South, East, West – the choice is yours! But how do you choose? With the help of London Relocation of course! These guys know it all: from the top schools to the best restaurants, they are on hand to find your perfect London!  

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As data from The Migration Observatory shows, London has the highest number of migrants in the UK, making up 37% of the total foreign-born population. With its diverse culture, great career opportunities and successful education system, London has become one of the most popular cities in the world for family relocation. London Relocation is here to help you navigate the relocation process to find a neighbourhood area that meets your individual needs.

School Search

Understanding the complexities of family relocation, the company offers support in three main areas: school search, home search and settling in. Noting the importance of education, London Relocation recommends that you focus on finding your perfect school before looking at potential homes. With information on catchment areas, Ofsted gradings and more, the company is on hand to help you find the best school possible to meet your child’s needs.

Home Search

Once a school placement has been confirmed, London Relocation will support you in finding a suitable, nearby rental in as little as one day. Following an extensive consultation, the team will take into consideration your whole family’s needs when proposing potential properties. Recreational opportunities, transportation, shopping and family-friendly business establishments are all listed as potential factors to consider before committing to your final choice.


So you've got to grips with 'an oyster card' and have finally come to terms with the idea of keeping your washing machine in the kitchen?! But how many other alien UK systems are you going to come across? Thankfully, London Relocation also offers a settling-in service for those making an international move. Understanding that many people will be unfamiliar with UK processes, the company supports with procedures such as setting up a bank account, utilities and council tax. As part of this service, the team at London Relocation can also meet with contractors on your behalf, removing some of the stress involved with setting up a home in a new location.

A satisfied customer said: “We felt in good hands and things went incredibly smoothly. We don’t know how we could have made it without this agency and their help. We would most certainly recommend London Relocation to anyone wishing to relocate to England.”

Your dream relocation starts today in London Relocation

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