London-Based Designer Offers Hypoallergenic Pure Silk Duvet Covers & Bedsheets

Jul 28, 2023

Do you want silky hair and silky skin? Sleeping on silk is the answer! Mayfairsilk has dermatologist-recommended 100% mulberry silk bedsheets and duvet covers in 22 momme so you can treat your body to the very best.

Did you know that silk is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, and sleeping on it helps to preserve your hair and skin's moisture and ward off wrinkles?

Mayfairsilk has the highest quality, 100% pure mulberry silk bedsheets and duvet covers at 22 momme, so you can wrap yourself in this miracle fabric all night!

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✦ Why Silk? ✦

Since silk naturally has a similar pH level as human skin, it does not pull moisture away from the body, helping to maintain hydration and a balanced pH level in the skin and hair while sleeping.

Dermatologists often recommend 100% pure silk pillowcases and bedsheets because silk is naturally hypoallergenic, in addition to being anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Compared to cotton or synthetic materials, silk is also much more gentle on the skin and does not leave marks that can contribute to wrinkles. Research has shown silk to have the capacity to resist mould and dust mites as well, making it particularly suitable for people with highly sensitive skin.

✦ Mayfairsilk Worldwide ✦

Mayfairsilk's duvet covers and sheets, as with all of their products, are woven from 100% mulberry silk, are biodegradable, and suitable for allergy sufferers. They also ship around the world and customers in the UK can enjoy free shipping for all orders over £50.

These bedsheets and duvet covers are sustainably produced, hand-finished, and machine-washable, and they fit double, king, super king, and emperor-sized beds.

Order your 100% silk bedsheets and duvet cover in your favorite colour! Choose between midnight blue, ivory, pastel blue, brilliant white, teal, charcoal, and more.

✦ About Mayfairsilk ✦

Located in London, Mayfairsilk's vision is "to weave the elegance and allure of European designs with the natural splendour of silk". The company is committed to sustainable and ethical practices, using fully biodegradable materials that are Certified Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 and free from toxic chemicals and dyes. All Mayfairsilk products are created from the finest grade 6A long fibre Mulberry Silk, woven through a blend of traditional methods and modern technology.

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