Littleton CO: This Clinic Offers Regenerative Medicine For Hip & Shoulder Pain

Mar 22, 2024

Dreaming of turning back the clock to the time when you can move freely without worrying about joint or back pains? With regenerative treatments from the Aspen Institute, that reality is closer than you think.

People have various means of hiding the signs of aging—at least superficially. But internally, the body refuses to be deceived and sends constant reminders in the form of pain.

Past 35, metabolism slows, testosterone levels among men decline, and—for both genders—pain starts to become the norm, making physical activities that were once a source of enjoyment almost unbearable.

In Lakewood, one practice is helping turn back the hands of time for many locals using regenerative medicine. For the Aspen Institute, this area of medicine is offering men and women in their advanced ages a way to be free of age-related pains and conditions without being dependent on narcotics and other types of medication.

The Pains of Aging

Part of the aging process is experiencing one or several age-related pains and conditions that vary in severity. Common ailments include arthritis, tendinitis, neck, joint, and back pain, sciatica, and muscle aches.

Making the Body Heal Itself

While traditional medicine can offer relief to sufferers of those conditions, its primary focus is on symptom management through medication, which puts you at risk from side effects, and highly invasive surgical operations that also come with risks.

In contrast, regenerative medicine goes beyond symptom management, offering us a natural and non-intrusive means of eliminating pain with longer-lasting results. We can now stimulate the body to make it heal itself by rebuilding cells, muscle, cartilage, and bone.

The Aspen Approach

The Aspen Institute offers treatment plans that combine innovative techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. Each treatment plan is tailored to each patient and is formulated after a thorough review of one's medical history. Furthermore, part and parcel of each plan is a series of follow-up exams that are performed to ensure that each patient gets the outcome they envisioned.

This thorough approach has resulted in the success of The Aspen Institute’s approach, with most patients reporting an 80% reduction in pain in just six months after their procedures.

Regenerative treatments at the Aspen Institute are administered by Dr. Julian R. Gershon Jr., D.O., FAOASM, ABAARM, who is certified in regenerative medicine, as well as family and sports medicine. He is also an American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine fellow in stem cell therapies and an American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine fellow and former board member.

What Clients Are Saying

The Aspen Institute has become a highly rated practice, with past clients remarking on Dr. Gershon’s expertise and the effectiveness of his treatments. “For me, Dr. Gershon is the most personable and relatable caregiver ever. His knowledge, understanding, and sensibilities around anti-aging and regenerative options are leading edge,” one client wrote in their review for Google.

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While based in Lakewood, The Aspen Institute has been the destination of choice for residents in nearby Littleton, Golden, and Denver seeking the cutting edge in regenerative medicine.

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