Lakewood, CO PRP Injections: Non-Invasive Hip Osteoarthritis Pain Treatment

Apr 23, 2024

Struggling with hip osteoarthritis or other forms of hip pain? The Aspen Institute for Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine’s (970-201-1332) PRP injections can help you find relief.

The pain caused by hip osteoarthritis can result in severe mobility issues, making it difficult for you to keep up with life’s daily demands. If this sounds familiar to you, the Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections from The Aspen Institute for Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine can reduce hip pain and help you regain control of your life.

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How Does It Work?

The Aspen Institute’s PRP therapy can improve the symptoms of hip osteoarthritis by releasing natural proteins into the hip area that reduce inflammation. The injections also stimulate tissue and cartilage regeneration which can alleviate pain, improve joint function, and slow the disease’s progression.

The efficacy of PRP injections in treating hip osteoarthritis is supported by a study undertaken by the Weill Cornell Medicine Department of Rehabilitation at New York Presbyterian Hospital. In the study, 67% of hip osteoarthritis patients reported more than a 50% reduction in pain after three months of treatment.

Benefits of PRP Therapy

Key benefits of the PRP injections from The Aspen Insititute include minimal side effects and quick recovery time in comparison with other common pain treatments such as cortisone shots or surgery. Typically, you will only experience mild pain or swelling after a PRP injection and will recover within a few days. In contrast, recovery from surgery often takes months and cortisone injections present a higher risk of serious side effects such as joint infection or cartilage damage.

Other Uses For PRP Injections

Alongside hip pain, PRP therapy is also a popular treatment for other musculoskeletal conditions, tendon injuries, and chronic pain. Furthermore, it can also be used for anti-aging purposes such as facial rejuvenation to promote skin elasticity and hair restoration.

About The Practice

The Aspen Institute for Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine is a medical practice in the Lakewood, Colorado area that improves its patients’ quality of life with tailored care. The practice is led by Dr. Julian Robert Gershon Jr. who is triple-board-certified in Family Medicine, Sports Medicine, and Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and was on the board of directors for the American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine for twelve years.

“The Aspen Institute for Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine has a world-class reputation for its commitment to shifting the emphasis from disease-driven medicine to a longevity-driven approach to care,” says a spokesperson for the practice. “We treat patients from a personalized perspective using the most comprehensive and advanced programs available in alignment with their specific medical situations.”

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