Liquid Submersion Cooling System Reduces Energy Consumption For IT Data Centers

Feb 17, 2023

Have you been searching for better ways to cool your data processors without harming the environment? Visit Onsite Utility Services Capital’s website to learn how its dielectric immersion cooling systems make that happen for companies every day!

Liquid Submersion Cooling System Reduces Energy Consumption For IT Data Centers

Successfully running a data center requires a lot of IT hardware for servers and data processors, all of which consume energy and contribute to carbon emissions.

If you’re looking for a better way to cool your servers and data processors while reducing carbon emissions, Onsite Utility Services Capital's new system is it!

The company's new temperature control method for computer data processors eliminates the need for chillers, rooftop units, fans, ductwork, and other HVAC equipment that requires more energy. And that's just the start!

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According to the International Energy Agency, data centers consume approximately 200 terawatt-hours (TW/h) of electricity every year and are responsible for up to 4.5% of global carbon emissions.

Onsite Utility Services Capital’s dielectric immersion cooling process aims to reduce carbon emissions from data centers by transferring the heat generated in processing units to thermally conductive fluids. This cuts down energy consumption and carbon emission by up to 90% when compared to traditional cooling systems.

The dielectric fluid used in immersion cooling eliminates the need for fan replacements and allows processors to run cooler with less thermal strain. This way, you can reduce the usual maintenance and replacement expenses associated with the traditional cooling systems you currently use overnight!

The enhanced cooling capabilities of Onsite Utility Services Capital’s immersion system will enable your data processors to run more efficiently with a reduced power usage effectiveness ratio of less than 1.05.

Onsite Utility Services Capital’s cooling immersion system can be purchased or leased under the company’s Energy Savings as a Service program. This funding option removes capital expenditure barriers and allows you to upgrade facilities and quickly achieve carbon and energy-saving goals.

About the Company

Founded by Fritz Kreiss, Onsite Utility Services Capital has delivered advanced energy-saving solutions to clients in several locations across the US for over 29 years. The company’s innovative "as-a-service" programs are centered on providing leading energy technology at bite-sized affordable rates that help clients achieve their energy-saving objectives.

No compromise necessary! Onsite Utility Services Capital’s immersion cooling systems will help you reduce your energy costs while fighting climate change at the same time. Visit the company's website to make your energy-saving dreams come true!

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