LinkedIn Recommendations For Career Change: Showcase Awards, Skills & Experience

Nov 7, 2023

If you’re planning to change careers, the first thing you’ll need to do is update your LinkedIn profile. Discover how with this step-by-step guide from the experts at Linked Leads DFY.

Do you need some help getting started on your new career path? You know that LinkedIn is your best bet in finding that dream job but how do you transition into a completely new career? Do you *delete all* and start again? Or is it just a case of making a few tweaks here and there? Maybe you're unsure which skills to showcase or how to make your new profile searchable. Whatever the question, Linked Leads DFY has the answer.

Their new guide explains how to update your LinkedIn summary, headline, professional photo and skills list to reflect your new career path. When making a career transition, it is important for you to assess your new goals, ensuring that your profile information reflects these.

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The report encourages you to update your summary based on your long-term professional objectives, considering how your current knowledge, skills and experience can be utilized in a new role. Catchy headlines, succinct summaries and engaging narratives will help you to stand out from the crowd.

To make a lasting impression, Linked Leads DFY recommends that you add a professional photo to your LinkedIn profile. Make sure you consider your target industry when choosing clothing, avoiding anything “too flashy or busy.”

When updating education and skills, Linked Leads DFY suggests that you assess which specific abilities will be attractive to recruiters in your new career field.

“When updating your profile for a career change, you should make sure to showcase the strengths that are most relevant to the industry or role you’re seeking,” the experts explain. You are reminded to make sure all information is up-to-date and accurate and are advised to include any certifications or awards that may give you the edge over other candidates.

When considering a career change, you should also take the time to expand your LinkedIn network. Presenting an active status can open up new connections and career opportunities. A spokesperson for Linked Leads DFY states: “Make sure you’re using the platform to reach out and build strong relationships that’ll benefit both parties down the line. A well-rounded network is an essential tool for any successful career change, so don’t forget its importance as you work towards reaching bigger goals!”

Another recommendation from Linked Leads DFY is the sharing of career-relevant content such as blog posts, video tutorials or podcast series. In doing so, you can showcase your professional skillset, establishing credibility amongst other players in the field.

Making a career change has never been easier. You've got to begin somewhere, so why not with LinkedIn? Remember... nothing changes if nothing changes. For more advice on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile for career change, head over to

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