Limit Tax Liability & Protect Assets With This Business Trust Set-Up Program

May 12, 2022

Have you ever wondered how billionaires protect their wealth? With their Bulletproof Trust solution, Private Wealth Academy lets you in on the secret.

Limit Tax Liability & Protect Assets With This Business Trust Set-Up Program

You may not realize it, but trusts are some of the most powerful tools for limiting your tax liability and protecting your assets. That’s why the mega-rich prefer using them. With this solution, you don’t need a team of expensive lawyers to set up your own private or business trust.

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Many of us think that forming a business, such as an LLC or corporation, is the most effective way of limiting tax liability and protecting assets. Pfft, that’s for amateurs. Private Wealth Academy states that trusts are much more powerful, and you can have your own. Their Bulletproof Trust service gives you step-by-step guidance and all the documents you need to do it in a matter of days.

So, what exactly are trusts? Well, without getting too technical on you, trusts are legal instruments used to control assets and say who they should go to. They are most commonly seen as a way of distributing wealth after death, as they give better control than probate. However, business trusts can be used as a means to safeguard against taxes and liability, and in some cases, are used to run a company.

Because most of us don’t know all the legal ins and outs, trusts are usually created with the assistance of lawyers. Yes, that means you have to pay someone lots of money to do it. At least, you did before. Recognizing that many of us can’t afford this, Private Wealth Academy’s awesome solution provides you with all the documents and training you need to complete the process yourself.

If you still need some help, you’re not on your own. The agency also offers online support and even has weekly webinars to help you along the way. Once finished, your documents can be taken to a bank in order to open your new account. It’s as simple as that.

About Private Wealth Academy

Formed by a group of financial experts, Private Wealth Academy aims to educate people in the most effective means of achieving financial independence. The agency offers a range of complimentary programs that help individuals and entrepreneurs to privatize, protect, and grow their assets.

A company representative stated: “Trusts can work privately or like a business. Our program shows you how to do both. A Bulletproof Trust offers more protection and less liability than popular business types, like LLCs or corporations. You will be guided on setting up your own Bulletproof Trust and gain the ability to limit your tax liability and obtain the highest level of protection available.”

If you’re still not sure, Private Wealth Academy has a Bulletproof Trust workshop to explain it all in more depth.

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